Yesterday, a good friend buzzed me to say he has purchased a 128GB microSD card as a gift to me. I think I actually danced

I am getting a 128GB memory card free!

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Yesterday, a good friend buzzed me to say he has purchased a 128GB microSD card as a gift to me. I think I actually danced Shoki out not sheer ecstacy. That is an awesome leap for me, considering that I currently use an 8GB card. Nah; don’t be disappointed. Okay, be disappointed if it works for you. LOL. I think I have used this oparticular card since the time I had the Nokia N8 or so. Yes; it is about five (5) years old.

I once tried a 32GB card, but it kept losing files that I saved to it. Formatting it didn’t help. Eventually, I quit and went back to my trusty 8GB card. Life is too short. I would rather use a small capacity card that works than stress myself over a bigger capacity one that gives me headaches.

Still, in recent months, it has been a struggle with my current card. I keep having to delete files (especially videos) off it to make way for really important stuff. I have even come close to having to delete files from my music collection. God forbid! My music collection is sacred. As such, I have been thinking of getting a 16GB or another 32GB card to replace it, only to receive news of a 128GB card being on the way. That’s 16 times the capacity of my current card. Just imagine the possibilities. Ah! I salivate.

Memory cards have come a long way. I remember the days of 64MB, 128MB and 512MB cards. I still have a collection of old 2GB cards in a drawer somewhere. Too bad that I am unable to remember what capacity my first ever memory card was. Do you remember yours? What capacity are you using now? Do you have a favourite brand?


  1. My first was 512mb.currently using 32gb on my Lumia infinix hot seems to be very shy of 32gb. I’ve tried 2, including the one in my Lumia, but each time the phone keeps misbehaving. Well, since it already has 10GB internal storage, and it’s not my main phone, I didn’t mind.

  2. Lucky you.I have not had the opportunity of using more than 8gb on any phone.The internal memory plus the 8gb are always ok for me.Moreover latest high end phones allow this.

  3. I should have just followed the recommended size, I bought 64gb for m2 only to witness files disappearing after some time. Now am stuck with 4gb

  4. Wish I had friends like that. Em, Mr Mo? Do you think you could send me your 8GB when you pick this one up? Or at least the 2GB ones?

  5. Congrats Mr. Mo. Great friends you have! I don’t use any at the moment. I use one phone – an InnJoo One and since I can either use one SIM + SDC or both SIM slots without the SDC, I opted for the latter. Before now though I used an 8GB SD card with my then phone – InnJoo i2. The last experience with a 32GB (with a Galaxy Note 8 that is now being rocked by the Mrs.) didn’t really end too well as it got damaged in less than 4 weeks! The 4k cost price still paining me…

    As it is, I’m not too keen on playing music on my phone especially when the phone’s battery can’t be replaced easily and I’m basically in front of my laptop most part of my working hours… The lappie can serve as my music console!

    Though I’m an android fan, I’m looking forward to owning an iPad mini with 128GB memory – Don’t even mind WiFi only (An upgrade on the “ancient” iPad2 WiFi, 16GB I presently use as bible reading, sermon recording & message playing device). Great battery life and ok capacity – Ideal for storage & playing of audio & video files.

  6. damn… tnx for d heads up, was thinking if stubbornly going 64.. wait!! sure it ain’t d mem card that was faulty?

  7. smh… wetin u wan take 8gb not to talk of 2gb do… 2 better films n 2gb don full

  8. Memory cards come last on my list of accessories. One of the most important feature I look out for in a phone is OTG. Once a phone supports OTG, then memory cards can go and die in the lagoon. I have used 3 devices without SD slots (Moto G first gen, Nexus 7 and Nexus 9) and I have survived.

    I am surprised that people still have memory card issues in this age. Please, just close your eyes and buy an original and save yourself from crying over lost files. Samsung’s EVO line of memory cards are trusted.

  9. You guys forgot something, which phone is Mr Mo going use in accessing the memory card? His premium innjoo one or his trashy passport (seeking fun) I use 32gb on my Samsung Galaxy grand and nothing on my lumia 535.

  10. Like Mr Ola Joseph, I’ve never used more than 8GB. My memory requirements are much different from yours, Ehis. I practically don’t watch movies. My memory card is mostly for music, documents, apps, and other different files.

  11. OTG is nice but not as convenieot as having all that bulk compressed inside your phone’s mcard slot.

  12. No, he’s right. I don’t think Mr Mo currently has any phone supporting up to 128GB.

  13. My photos, files etc, I’ll keep on my 16GB card. 32GB and over is for music – that way if I lose information, it’s something I already have backed up elsewhere.

    My first memory card was probably for my second digital camera, which I still have. A good old CF card, one of 512MB, and two of 1GB and 2GB respectively. Phone_wise, my first memory card would be a mini SD card which I got for an old camcorder.

    My Micro SD brand preference is Sandisk. Never had a problem with any that I’ve owned over the years.

  14. PeterJero,

    Just lookatyew….troublemaker.

    The BlackBerry Passport supports 128GB cards. Unfortunately, the Innjoo One supports only up to 64GB microSD cards.

  15. I’m presently using a 64GB in my S4. My first ever memory card was a 512MB.

    Now, I’m eyeing this 128GB. My 64GB is crying for space.

  16. IIRC my first memory card was a 32MB card, that came with my Nokia 6600. currently use 8 & 16 GB cards in my Android devices, been thinking about a 64 GB card but there’s really no incentive

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