I have been reviewing the Orbra Inferno, a 7-inch Android 4.2.2 tablet. I ended up with less than 10MB left on my monthly data plan

I Am Getting Twitter And Facebook Notifications With Data Turned Off

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I have been reviewing the Orbra Inferno, a 7-inch Android 4.2.2 tablet. I ended up with less than 10MB left on my monthly data plan and decided to turn data off on the device. The idea was to turn it on only when I really needed it, and so hopefully put what was left to good use. So, off I turned it.

The surprise is that I keep receiving Facebook and Twitter notifications (not SMS) though internet connection is turned off. I am talking about the standard notifications that show up in the Android pull-down menu. I don’t know what to make of this, as I am stumped how that can be. This phenomenon has been going on for two days now.

Is there anyone out there who has experienced this too or can explain it?


  1. Strange. … What we also need to know is if after turning off data your data balance still reduces. Or is it as it is

  2. Had a similar experience with Whatsapp. I called the attention of my Android Mentor, Harry Echemco, to it, and he was as confounded as I was.

    I turned background data and mobile data off and Whatsapp was still able to deliver messages to my phone. On Android.

    It would appear there are special APIs on Android that allow some applications to still send data, irrespective of the prevailing data settings.

    looks like the only surefire way to ensure that data can not be consumed.. is to alter the valid APN settings with some jargons.

    I normally do that when I am about to load credit on an Android device, but am not yet ready to activate a data bundle .

    that way, my credit stays intact….

  3. hi. I use a tecno phantom f7. I normally use Airtel bis for internet and it works perfectly. but recently I discovered all my apps were not connected but what’s app. and it has been like that for more than 2 weeks . pls can anybody help me out with that? thanks

  4. If you’re ok with rooting, I would suggest installing a firewall on Android. You could also try a no root firewall like Mobiwol

  5. My android has been doing this for about a week now, I am sure that my data and wifi are not connected yet I still get Facebook notifications. They are not coming through SMS either. I am not able to tell if it is using data because the counter is not precise enough to limit it to an exact time frame.

  6. I’ve never had this problem. Whenever I turn off mobile data, nothing passes through. The only time data may have sneaked through was when rebooting the device and only Android system group of apps could have such access but I believe that same is very brief.

    For those who would want to use a firewall app but who wouldn’t want to root their device, I think NoRoot Firewall by Grey Shirts is a very good option. you can get it from the link below:

    NoRoot Firewall

  7. I believe mine is using my call minutes when it does this. Annoying to me! Used up most of my minutes (Tracfone) this month. I will try turning off notifications, and see if that works.

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