I can live without a hardware QWERTY, but….

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I know a bit about love, I think. Love is intriguing and it is amazing. This crazy thing called love is a powerful thing. But one thing I do not get is why anyone would say that they cannot live without someone. You know those romantic lines, “Without you, I would die”. Usually, the person saying that said same to the previous love of their life. And to the one before that. And to the one before…. oh! You get the message. I guess saying stuff that like makes romance tick and helps reinforce feelings or something. I’m no psychologist. Or psychiatrist. But no-one should be unable to go on with life because someone is no longer in their life. Harsh? Dunno. Realistic? Very.

Anyway, it is no news that I love hardware QWERTY keyboards on my mobile. Infact, if you are a reader of this blog and did not know, please stop by at my office for your LASTMAN badge. Very well deserved. However, as much as I love QWERTY, I can live without it. I have lived without it on and off for several months at a time. I have lived with full touchscreen devices without moulting, withering or – God forbid – dying.


The issue is that every single time that a hardware QWERTY phone comes into my possession…. every single time… the full touchscreen phones with me take a back seat. They almost become 100% redundant, and spend most of the time idling in my pocket or on my desk. Why?

It is like loving someone. While you should be able to live without someone that you love, chances are that whenever they show up, even when you are already with someone else, your stupid heart kicks in and throws you off the cliff. Suddenly, your dark world lights up! Okay, so it wasn’t so dark, but in comparison to this flash of light, we can as well just call it dark. You want to be with them again. Simple. Call it first love, second love, or sixtieth love; it is love, and it pulls you.

When I have a QWERTY smartphone with me, it becomes my default mobile computing tool. End of. Whether you like my explanation or not, who cares? I just love my QWERTY. I would have a shiny top end flagship, and a low end QWERTY smartphone would show up, and from then on, the top dog spends more time hibernating than a polar bear does. It is the way I roll. Right now, I have a hardware QWERTY smartphone with me, and as low end as it is, it is the one in my hands 90 to 95% of the time. Nothing else matters. This is love, baby!!


  1. Hmmmmmm, so if your first love comes along now, you go kick madam to the curb abi? Lmao

  2. Hmmmmmm, so if your first love comes along now, you go kick madam to the curb abi? Lmao

    Shior to you, Chuks 🙂

    What makes you think that madam is not my first love? *puts on shades, pops collar, and walks into the sunny morning*

  3. this is serious…reverse is the case for me. i like hardware qwerty but i prefer full touch. the bigger screen and flexibility of swiping around is just more than enough for me. i find myself surfing the web and watching videos more on my Nokia 603 than i do on Samsung galaxy Y pro duos.

  4. // This is love, baby!!//

    of course, it is.

    and it is why you are excused.

    love. blindness. inextricably connected.

  5. EyeBeeKay,

    You belong to the silly school of thought that says love is blind? Pele. Not me. In the eternal words of MC Heavy D in his hit track “Somebody for Me”:

    They also say that love is blind.
    It ain’t that blind that I can’t see.
    Somebody out there who’s perfect for me.
    Somebody who’s gonna love me, for me…

    My love sees. It sees QWERTY, and loves QWERTY :-p

  6. Merge QWERTY keyboard with a full-sized touchscreen like the Palm Pre, Dell Venue Pro, Blackberry Torch 9800/9810 and I might just walk on sunshine. That’s more than love, that’s Power!

  7. // You belong to the silly school of thought that says
    love is blind?//

    love is blind. that’s a medical fact. it is a hormonal thing.

    love activates many of the same
    specific regions of the brain,
    and lead to a suppression of
    neural activity.

    TRANSLATION: Critical reasoning is suspended, hence the “blindness”

    there are many causative agents to blindness, but when.it is love_induced,like the love for yesterday’s input method, the blindness is total and irrevocable.

  8. I love the hardware qwerty but I don’t think I would sacrifice a large touchscreen for a hardware qwerty keyboard, plus am addicted to touching the screen (it feels more natural to carry out any interaction with the device).

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