An acquaintance asked earlier today: “Anyone else getting excited about Windows Phone 8 event tomorrow?” Reading the question, it occurred to me that I was

I cannot be excited about Windows Phone anymore

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An acquaintance asked earlier today:

“Anyone else getting excited about Windows Phone 8 event tomorrow?”

Reading the question, it occurred to me that I was totally un-excited about Windows Phone. Which is strange. You see, I have used two WP devices and enjoyed the UI. I was excited about WP, especially in the early days of the Microsoft-Nokia partnership.

But now…. I’m all cold. The reason is not far-fetched: both Nokia and Microsoft don’t give a hoot about the Nigerian market right now.

Till today, Nigeria is not officially supported in the Windows Phone MarketPlace. Hopes that Nokia’s getting in bed with Microsoft would change the picture have been dashed. Nokia no longer considers Nigeria a smartphone market and have officially listed a handful of countries where they will be channeling their energies for smartphones. So, no official support for Lumias here.

You get the picture? Both Microsoft and Nokia are right to act in their own best interests, but where that isn’t beneficial to me, why should I give a chicken leg?

I am still in love with the elegance and fluidity of Windows Phone, abut that’s all there is to it. I’m sorry, but I’m all cold now. Windows Phone doesn’t register on my radar as a mobile platform to consider for my personal use anymore. Till things change. If they do change.

I may get a Windows Phone device once in a while for review purposes, and that will be it. I wish both Microsoft and Nokia good luck in their smartphone strategies.

PS: I will be making a declaration of my new mobile OS of choice this week. Its been a long time coming since my days of “Symbian Inside.” Keep Mobility blog bookmarked.

  1. I’ve never cared much about WP7/8. I was opportuned to use a Lumia800 for the first time last week. I was impressed by the UI, but wasn’t wowed by it.

    Ever since I began to believe the conspiracy theories about Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, & Steven Elop, I’ve detested Windows Phone more and more. With Nokia no longer considering Nigeria as a prime market, WP8 can go screw itself.

    I would strongly recommend an iOS device over a WP7/8 device, and coming from me, that says a lot!

  2. Aw come on guys, forget Windows Phone. Nokia is still interested in the Nigerian market. There’s the Asha phones 🙂

  3. Yes. For the sake of nokia and their past records in Nigeria, i think we should give them time to sort things out. They are confused right now and may go under within the next two years if the current trend continues. I really pity them. As for microsoft, i dont give a damn. They can go jump in *****.

  4. I had always maintained that I would never by a WP7 (or any other number) device until Nigeria is supported on their online store. What’s the use of a smartphone without apps? They can go to hell.

  5. This is just damn sad. There was a time, that I could have killed for a Wimdows phone. Sadly, those days are gone. Nokia actually mentioned me on Twitter informing that they will inform when the Lumia was ready for the Nigerian market. But it’s sad that they really do not want to support Lumia in Nigeria. A shame.

    Android, Symbian, Blackberry and even iOS have supported Nigeria in their online store. It’s a shame Windows phone wishes to turn a different leaf. That’s a bad thing, if you ask me. And that’s to their own detriment!

  6. Hmmm. If I am able to save enough and get my digital camera (“N8-08” PureView) from nokia, then I say gudbye 2 Nokia. As nokia & MS are heading to US, China and UK, I will be heading to either S.Korea or Taiwan. For the sake of what nokia has given to Nigeria, I may concider them whenever I need a phone(Asha) for my old man or the younger ones who need a 1st phone.

  7. Nokia and Microsoft are yet to gain any form of traction in the mobile sphere, so let’s give them some time to sort things out first before thinking of the fringe markets where Nigeria rightly belong.

    My case with them is not so much for support but rather for copying Apple’s business model that ensures that some of what we’ve come to take for granted on mobile devices will simply be missing on Windows Phone devices, just like iOS devices. If Apple eventually supported Nigeria, you can be sure Microsoft will, given time.

    Still, even with support from Nokia/Microsoft, Windows Phone devices are not for me.

  8. Nigeria is not a smartphone market. If I was a smartphone manufacturer, I d definitely ignore nigeria for now. Maybe when our networks start subsidizing phones, we d make an impact. As at now though, the market for smartphones in Nigeria is negligible. Btw, asha series is really really nice.

  9. Truth be told, those of us with smartphones are in a minority and most likely live in cities (or suburbs).

    I hope the phrase “Nigeria is not a smartphone market” will come back to haunt Nokia like Elop’s “burning platform” gaffe. And I really hope someone else steals their thunder by the time they decide there’s a place in Nigeria for Nokia Windows Phones. Their loss.

  10. @Noni, I think the fact that nokia is struggling makes it more sensible for them to concentrate on profitable markets. The fact that it is a burning ship is the more reason why any extra baggage should be tossed overboard. Supporting a smartphone platform in an overwhelming feature phone market like Nigeria will be a terrible decision. Besides I dont see nigeria’s economic situation changing anytime soon

  11. @efe, don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame them for focussing where they think their money will be guaranteed – business is business. But it seems they’re already late to the game even in these targeted markets.

    The mistake they’re making now is the same as they made with the N9. They advertised it to the heavens, lots of people were anticipating it but when it came to release it was released in few markets. You’d think they would have learned their lesson from this but no, it is the same with the Nokia Asha 202 and 203.

    Perhaps they are so busy putting out fires on their burning platform(s) they are getting confused as to release dates and where. What they’ve done with the Lumia phones doesn’t surprise me, neither would it surprise me if they do the same with the PureView.

    All those anticipating anything Nokia right now better be prepared for disappointment.

  12. Yes, they indeed late to the game. They announce products for weeks before they are released. Bad marketing and strategy

  13. Have you not noticed that Microsoft has been doing this for a number of years? Coincidence?

  14. May be by the time they introduce WP10, it will come with all the features we presently enjoy on our droids. Then, I can give it a try. Sincerely speaking, windows has been playing catch up with all their WP7 lines and its not helping their market. They recently celebrated hitting the 100,000 apps mark. But none of that is available for us in naija. Best bet is to look at other OSs. When dem ready make dey call me.

  15. @Noni, the following statement from an expert that reviewed microsoft surface further buttresses your point. I must say you got it spot on.

    ” So if the device is nice, and has huge potential in
    the market, where did Microsoft go wrong? Let’s
    talk about it, starting with the fact that there’s
    no availability.
    If there’s one thing that Microsoft could learn
    from Apple, it is “announce and ship”. Today we
    saw the Surface. When can we buy it? The only
    thing we know is that it will be available in
    conjunction with the release of Windows 8: That
    is to say, ‘not today'”.

  16. OMG! Can somebody tell me what to do about my phone. I bought HTC HD7 (a WP7.5) 2 wks ago & am now crying & heartly regretting my stupidity. No application, No windows market here, I cant transfer my lecture notes(powerpoints, doc) to it direct, No PDF reader, Cant use it as a mass storage device, No soft camera button, its LCD screen NOT bright in daylight unlike Amoled, Weak battery power, Low audio quality. I just wasted my money, I could have gone for Nokia E7 or any Android phone. The OS cant even be hacked unless you reg. it with microsoft for unlocking with $99. I 4EVA HATE WP

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