I Don’t Like 3rd Party Apps

Honestly, I am not a fan of 3rd party apps. Cross my heart. By default, I look out for mobiles that offer the best packages built in. I mean, why should I have to depend on a 3rd party app if there’s a phone that does it right from the factory? If there is such a phone, that is my preference. Keep the 3rd party apps to yourself. Thank you.

So, I’d love for the built-in apps to cover as many functions as I need from the get-go, so that the less searching I have to do for apps. Life is too short to be trawling app stores looking for apps that I shouldn’t be looking for in the first place. I know that there is a bunch of app sadists out there who spend hour after hour searching, installing, trying and uninstalling everything and anything, I am not buying that lifestyle. Thank you again.

Windows Phone Apps

As a rule, I stick with the default apps that come with my devices – web browser, email client, calendar, Word viewer and editor, etc. I hate the idea of running two apps that do the same thing on the same device. Two web browsers? For what? Or two music players. Or two video players. Or….oh, you get the picture. Perhaps when it becomes possible to delete say a built-in music player and replace it with another, I shall change. For now, the manufacturer who makes sure that the built-in apps on their mobiles are top notch is likely to get my cash.

If a manufacturer’s built-in apps are so bad that they need to be replaced, in my books, that manufacturer ain’t worth jack.

The only scenario in which I really get excited about 3rd party apps is where a feature or service that I need is not built-in. Oh, hallelujah! Bring them on! That’s what 3rd party apps should be for – to add functionality, not to replicate or duplicate what’s in there already. So, now you know that I don’t really dislike 3rd party apps. I just can’t stand wastage. If I’m going to go install (and sometimes buy) apps to replace what’s built into the phone, why did I pay so much for the phone in the first place?

Okay, I’ve had my say. I’m outta here. The floor is now yours. Cheerio!

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