Honestly, I am not a fan of 3rd party apps. Cross my heart. By default, I look out for mobiles that offer the best packages

I Don’t Like 3rd Party Apps

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Honestly, I am not a fan of 3rd party apps. Cross my heart. By default, I look out for mobiles that offer the best packages built in. I mean, why should I have to depend on a 3rd party app if there’s a phone that does it right from the factory? If there is such a phone, that is my preference. Keep the 3rd party apps to yourself. Thank you.

So, I’d love for the built-in apps to cover as many functions as I need from the get-go, so that the less searching I have to do for apps. Life is too short to be trawling app stores looking for apps that I shouldn’t be looking for in the first place. I know that there is a bunch of app sadists out there who spend hour after hour searching, installing, trying and uninstalling everything and anything, I am not buying that lifestyle. Thank you again.

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As a rule, I stick with the default apps that come with my devices – web browser, email client, calendar, Word viewer and editor, etc. I hate the idea of running two apps that do the same thing on the same device. Two web browsers? For what? Or two music players. Or two video players. Or….oh, you get the picture. Perhaps when it becomes possible to delete say a built-in music player and replace it with another, I shall change. For now, the manufacturer who makes sure that the built-in apps on their mobiles are top notch is likely to get my cash.

If a manufacturer’s built-in apps are so bad that they need to be replaced, in my books, that manufacturer ain’t worth jack.

The only scenario in which I really get excited about 3rd party apps is where a feature or service that I need is not built-in. Oh, hallelujah! Bring them on! That’s what 3rd party apps should be for – to add functionality, not to replicate or duplicate what’s in there already. So, now you know that I don’t really dislike 3rd party apps. I just can’t stand wastage. If I’m going to go install (and sometimes buy) apps to replace what’s built into the phone, why did I pay so much for the phone in the first place?

Okay, I’ve had my say. I’m outta here. The floor is now yours. Cheerio!


  1. So, now you
    know that I don’t really
    dislike 3rd party apps. I just
    can’t stand wastage. .

    there is only one thing worse than lying to others. that is lying to YOURSELF.

    So, now you
    know that I don’t really
    dislike 3rd party apps. .

    oh yeah?

  2. 3rd party apps can come in quite handy at handling formats ur phone can’t normally handle eg some mkv files on ios.I think 3rd party apps are actually a necessity coz some are usually beta than the built-in apps. I’m all about functionality- astro file manager on android usually beats the inbuilt file manager hands down.
    What will I do without my trusty opera mini on d diff platforms- android, ios, symbian etc? Without 3rd party apps, mobile and even pc would be downright boring

  3. Mr. Mo, you won’t do badly in politics and this is certainly one area I will concede to you. I’ve seen out politician complain about the state of affairs in governance, only to change mouth when they get the chance to write the wrongs on past government when “elected.”

    I’ve also seen Mr. Mo complaining that some mobile operating systems are deviating from their core function and integrating features that should be addressed by third party apps. Well the dynamic Mr. Mo is changing the goal post once again.

    No, I can’t match your dynamism Mr. Mo. You win abeg!

  4. l love your joke Sir or maybe because you are not a fan…up till now I have never seen any inbuilt browser that work like Operamini non download faster or pulse like UC browser, can we compare any inbuilt player to mx player? or Twitter on any phone to. tweet caster. Try these few on Android Sir and see the difference…for me I don’t even believe the inbuilt apps works so I don’t bother myself.

  5. so i should use my default browser? i should use default music player that cant play wma? default video player that cant play avi and mkv?

    how hard can life be? whats the essence of a smartphone then?

  6. Very soon Smartphones will come without apps and we will have to download all aapps needed

  7. Fact is, it has never occurred to me to use the apps that come preinstalled on a device.

    I always get the best available in any app category.

    At best, they MAY be as good as other alternatives available as third party. MAY, but usually not.

    Of course, Mr. Mo was just pullung our legs!

    Don’t take him seriously. I don’t !

  8. Many third party apps simply do it better than the built-in or branded ones.

    In that sense, it’s really not running 2 apps but using the one that best suits your needs. Now if we could just uninstall the one we don’t want and keep the one we do without the need to root or jailbreak, maybe manufacturers may up their standards. Or give us products without them.

    I look forward to the day we get a phone with nothing but the basic OS and we can install our own apps from scratch.

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