I finally got a cool bag for my 12-inch tablet

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Ever since I got the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 (with my name engraved on it) from Nescafe Africa last December, one headache I have had is that of finding a convenient way to carry it around. You see, as the name indicates, the display is 12.2 inches. That is larger than most tablets, making it quite uncomfortable to carry around.

Even if I got a regular case for it, I would have to hold it in my hand or under my armpit. Nah! Inconvenient. I have been on the lookout for possible solutions for months. Finally, last week, in one of those hellish Lagos traffic jams, I spied a street hawker carrying what looked like a perfect fit. The tablet was at home, and so I was unable to verify that the size of the bag was right, but I took the gamble anyway.

It paid off. Getting home much later in the evening, I slid the Note Pro inside the main compartment of the bag and it fit snugly. Hallelujah! There are slots for other items like cards, USB drive, micro SD card cases, and even cables and slim power banks.

A techie’s delight! Have a look:

Tablet bag

Tablet bag label

Tablet bag

Tablet bag in hand

  1. HP Power makes good bags, i see them improving on quality too. Good thing it’s actually made in Nigeria.

  2. Looking for a man bag for your tablet? We have them! Only available in Lagos traffic (terms and conditions apply – no like, no refund).

  3. An added weight.Tablets were originally not designed to be carried this way.Laptops were.Anyway congrats.

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