So, I finally got a software update on my Xiaomi Mi 4, but…

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Yesterday, I powered on my Xiaomi Mi 4 to check something on it and almost immediately got a prompt for an update. Yay!! My heartbeat went from 60 beats per minute to 160 in two seconds. Finally! I was getting ready to go for thanksgiving at church next Sunday. Before this, I had received only one update on this dude (and it was a mere MIUI update) since I have had it despite a couple of officially announced versions. As such, it is still stuck on Android 4.4.4 Kitkat. Remember my recent rant? So, you can imagine my excitement as I tapped open the notification to see what was up. This was what I got:

xiaomi mi 4 miui712

Shucks! It was just a measly upgrade from MIUI 7.1.1 to 7.1.2. When I saw the 38 MB size, I knew this was nothing to celebrate. Yes; it wasn’t Android Lollipop. It wasn’t Marshmallow. It was just a measly cosmetic application to fix bugs and optimise the system – whatever those meant. Shmucks.

But they do say that half bread is better than not. I guess in this case, we can say that one handful of guguru and epa is better than a whole pack. I am still here expecting the major updates that will bump this chinko phone to Android Marshmallow.

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