Ever since the launch of Windows 8, there has been this hate we all had for it. The reasons were not too far fetched. For

I finally upgraded to Windows 10 and I love it to bits!!

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Ever since the launch of Windows 8, there has been this hate we all had for it. The reasons were not too far fetched. For one thing, the Start screen that covered every where on the screen. It does its job, it’s a new learning curve, but people hated it – me included.

Windows 10 devices

Windows 8 operating system is graphic intensive trust me, If your laptop doesn’t have the guts, it won’t carry it. The whole thing made me reluctant even to try Windows 10 after it was launched. “Maybe it would be same as the bloated, weird Windows 8”. All these were my thoughts until last week.

I braved it (by crossing the 7 mountains and 7 rivers of doubt :mrgreen: ) and downloaded the necessary files. Then ran the upgrade. After almost 2 hours of waiting, I had the software running. Here are a few things I just love about Windows 10:

  • It is lean on resources – My initial thoughts were that my laptop would lag or hang, but no such thing happened. After a few reboots, the laptop runs smooth and fast like it were on Windows 7.
  • The Start screen is better now – Just like on Windows 7, the menu is now situated on the bottom left part Windows logo. This is far better that the full screen menu people hated.Windows-10-Elroy
  • More beautiful and intuitive – The user interface is now more beautiful and intuitive. The Setting screen is organised and more straightforward. There are also many other new and nifty features that are best described when you use them yourself.
  • All my apps still worked – During the upgrade process, I was able to have it retain all my apps. Even after the upgrade, I tested the apps, and they all worked. Note : You might be unlucky not to have your apps restored, but all your personal files can be kept safe and unaffected by the upgrade process.

Trust me, you have to banish that fear of Windows 10 from your minds, because the upgrade is totally worth it. If you’re in Abuja and environs, you could hook me up to upgrade yours (for a fee though 😎 ). Cheers

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  1. I didn’t exactly have any issues with Windows 8. It was cool enough for me.
    Upgraded to Windows 10 when it became available last year and it’s been bliss. There were several things that were fun on Windows 8 (E.g skydrive/onedrive sync etc) but the fun is more on Windows 10. To me, Windows 10 is simply perfect!

  2. I loved windows 8, and windows 10 even better. I upgraded to Windows 10 immediately it was released. I had earlier used the pre release versions on one of my PCs and netbook.
    Windows 10 is superb

  3. My big issue with Windows 8 was that it looked like it was designed for touch screens and didn’t translate well for desktops.

    So I jumped at the chance to upgrade to Windows 10. The best thing? You got notification telling you it was available to download and could download it in your own time.

    It’s running fine on my 4 year old laptop, and since installation I’ve been able to download and burn the ISO file. This is what Windows 8 should have been!

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