Is it just me or are there other men out there who have a problem with the almost endless periods their wives (or women) spend

I Hate Blackberry

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Is it just me or are there other men out there who have a problem with the almost endless periods their wives (or women) spend chatting on their Blackberries? Anyone?

I have always given the Blackberry its due respect for what it stands for and what it has been able to achieve but I have never particularly liked it for a lot of objective reasons that I have listed here. From this disadvantaged point, I only need the slightest reason to nail its coffin and burry the device for good.

BlackberryYou see, my wife had her birthday sometime this month and she got a Blackberry as a gift. Of course she was excited about it but I had some reservations which I expressed to her. She replied, “Oh, I wont go about adding just anybody’s BB pin, just a few friends”. Very reasonable, isn’t it? She has kept her word on this but the problem is, I would gladly trade the few friends she has added for the whole world!

Right from when she wakes up, till she goes to bed, there is always that irritating and annoying chime that is always driving me to the wall. There is always a chat session going on.


“So, who are you chatting with this time”
“But you have been chatting with her all day, and it is rather late”
“She wants to know who got evicted from Big Brother’s house”
“Please just switch off that thing and spare a little time for your family”
“Why should I switch it off, at least, when you are with your iPad, you rarely have time for anyone too”

I paused as the truth sank in. As usual, she has won the argument. How exactly can I explain to her that what I do on my iPad is “brain” work on how to make the world a better place and not some idle chat?! I became more resolved in my conviction to sabotage her phone.

I had threatened to sabotage the phone and, really, I can do it. Thankfully, she is not very tech savvy, so I could just tamper with the Internet configuration and she would be no wiser. I am really bidding my time, will strike at the right moment, leaving no trace of my dastardly act.

Hehehehehehe. (Wicked laugh)


  1. Hilarious, i still do not like chatting hence the reason why i have no chat client installed on my phone or computer but i can just imagine what you are going through right now. I suggest you tell her to put it to vibrate only 🙂

  2. Though I’m convinced this is a serious issue, I can’t help but laugh a little. There is no arguing that BB with BIS is a very hand and useful tool for those that need. But just like every other human activity, there are people that are going to make indulgence out of it to the point of at addiction or abuse if you like.

    With this class thing now attached to it, it can only make matters worse. prevention is better than cure say. You should have done your best to prevent your Wife from having a taste of device in the first place than trying now to amputate her fun. I hope you are not saddle with a nagging wife at the end of the day.

  3. I’m not sure BlackBerry likes you either. Well as a long time blackberry user, I can tell you that it all comes down to discipline and self control. Initially, I was very addicted to my device but after a little while, I learnt how to control my usage. As of now, my bb only rings out for voice calls and sms. For all other functions, I downloaded an app that shows a different led colour for each event so from the colour, I can decide if and when I want to respond.

  4. In defence of my sister, who’s to say that her conversations won’t help someone in their world?

    I dare you to sabotage that phone….but I wouldn’t want to even sniff the pepper you will see, lol.

  5. Well as the author of this article has rightly stated, this is an exclusive phone. If you have enough disposable income to afford it and it meets your needs, why not? Don’t beef those who can afford it and decide to buy it, after all #isityourmoney?

  6. This is not funny at all. You always get something doing on the BB checking mails, FB, BBM, ebooks, News, Bookmarks, Running application etc

  7. irony of the situation: it is what is bringing us together that is actually keeping us apart!

  8. Everything that has a good use can also be misused / abused.

    Television, magazines, novels are some of the things that can akso be similarly. abused

    @Wale Falade, do not hate the blackberry- hate your wife instead (* runs for cover *)

  9. bross, just allow her. If you sabotage her connectivity, she will turn to you for help and hunt you till you undo whatever you’ve done.

  10. Is it just me or are there other men out there who have a problem with the almost endless periods their wives (or women) spend chatting on their Blackberries? Anyone?

    It is obviously just you 😀

  11. We can now all see the wisdom in keeping the masses (substitute masses for wives) from the arcane knowledge preserving it only for the priests? 😀

    My dear poor artwales, have you started eating burnt yam with over fried egg for breakfast yet? Hehehe…

    My wife will never advance beyond Nokia C3. Hehehe.. (evil smiles on my face)

  12. Don’t tamper with her bb, as a fellow bb addict I tell you that with bb its a whole new world. And if you do she would cower you into undoing it. But you should try bb sometime sha, its heaven. Ps Unlimited downloads

  13. you should go do a thanksgiving service,that your wife is techy enough to stay on her BB.if you know the pain Men go through just to nake thrir women to use facebook or twitter.May your wife spirit fall on all.Amen

  14. Bro, I feel u jare. When I got my bb a few years back and was so attached to it, my wife used to complain that I was too attached to the device. She often got annoyed whenever I chuckled at a joke or something. I sold the phone and went back to the good old Nokia (E5) cos I was tired of her complaints.

    She’s now gotten hers and even does worse than I did. I just laughed cos I felt she didn’t know how to fully utilize the phone. I then got another bb and promised to ‘teach’ her how to use the bb. She’s again on the edge, but trust me, i no ja am face at all.

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