Yesterday, I had an interesting conversation with someone who saw a picture of me (yes; the above picture). Apparently referring to my dance pose in

I Love Mobiles, But Maybe I Am not A Geek

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Are you a geek?
Yesterday, I had an interesting conversation with someone who saw a picture of me (yes; the above picture). Apparently referring to my dance pose in the picture, she said, “This your photo ehn! That is, ehn!“, and then followed that up with this: “It’s really impressive and expressive for a geek“.

That comment was food for thought. Before now, I wouldn’t have had an issue with being called a geek. But because of the context, I was compelled to rethink things.

I know why that comment was passed.

You see, a geek is a person who is given to scientific or technical pursuits but is felt to be socially inept. He/she is person with a devotion to something (in this case technology) in a way that places him or her outside the mainstream.

I don’t think that describes me. The above picture suggests that I may not exactly be socially inept or living outside of the mainstream.

Dance. Music

I am given to dance like most people are not. It is something that I inherited from my mom. Put mom and I on a dance floor and in some minutes, chances are that we will dominate things and become the centre of attention in that hall. We are an unbelievable combination.

My personal music collection has all genres represented – Classical, Pop, Afro, Rock, Country, R&B, RocknRoll, Dance, Jazz, Rap, among others.

Not only do I enjoy good music, I also sing both privately and in small meetings. I have a very good voice, though I have never belonged to a choir or band. Oh, and I rap too 😉 .

I am also self-taught in a few musical instruments – the recorder, flute, and drums. In addition, I have also done a few compositions over the years.

Movies, Dressing & People

Speaking of movies, if both SilverBird and Ozone cinemas in Lagos tracked faithfuls, you would certainly find my name on their records. I usually don’t go alone too, as I think going to the cinema alone is so, so uninteresting.

While I am not a fashionista, I appreciate good dressing and pay attention to my appearance. I don’t do brands, but i certainly dress good.

I really am a people person and often become the life of a social gathering. Looking back at my history, it is clear that most people who have met me enjoy being around me or having me around.


My upbringing makes it difficult for me to treat ladies shabbily or snub those on the lower rungs of society.

Raised to treat the female gender with respect, I am something of an old-school chivalrous man. As such, ladies tend to be comfortable around me too. I remember my wife mentioning that one of the first things she observed about me 17 years ago was how I treated every lady as if they were special. Of course, I think they all are.

I am also at home hanging out with friends at Villa Medici on the island as I am sharing boiled corn and coconut with a friend who sells mobile airtime under an umbrella stand by the roadside.

Geek? Who?

In the light of all this, perhaps it is time to stop kidding myself that I am a geek.

Yes; I love my mobiles. I have some technical skills, including website and hosting management, as well as website and mobile web design. But do just those make me a geek in the light of all the other things that I am good at, and most of them being social in orientation?

Yesterday, when I responded that I wasn’t a geek, Spacyzuma cried out, “WHAT!!! He’s denying us o! D geekverse must hear this!

Now, the geekverse knows.

Mobiles That Meet My Social Needs

My mobiles must enhance my basket of social activities as listed above or I am not interested much.

Perhaps, this is why I am not so crazy about all the processor and RAM specs that manufacturers tout. I am not crazy about having the latest and most powerful smartphone.

I just want a phone that meets my social needs – a mobile with: good call quality and messaging to keep in touch with people, good battery life, a camera that shoots great pictures and records great videos of those special social moments, great audio and video playback, and if possible an FM Transmitter, so I can listen to my music tracks on my car FM Stereo speakers when I am on the road.

Perhaps that is why one year and 12 mobiles after, I am still a sucker for the venerable Nokia N8. It handles all the above needs extremely well.

No sirs, I cannot be a geek. I am just an ordinary guy who loves technology not for the sake of itself, but who is in tune with mainstream social engagement. I want mobiles that fit into my social stream. The operative word is “my”.

Perhaps some of you who have been claiming to be geeks too need to re-evaluate. Perhaps you are not geeks either after all.

Do have a great weekend, and comments welcome, of course!


  1. geek
    /gi?k/ noun [C] informal

    a person, especially a man, who is boring and not fashionable

    He’s such a geek.


  2. Yet another:

    geek /gi:k/
    n slang
    1. a person who is preoccupied with or very knowledgeable about computing
    2. a boring and unattractive social misfit
    3. a degenerate
    [ C19: probably variant of Scottish geck fool, from Middle Low German geck ]


  3. I have noticed a shift. The meaning of the word geek, has changed and the dictionary needs to change with it.

    Geeks of these days are not neccessarily social misfits. Those who fit the profile of the dictionary geek are learning how to relate and be less of the dictionary-geek.

  4. Mr. Mobility.
    quite and impressive appraisal. i see you as a “refined geek” not a crude one. very versatile in knowledge and not restricted in anyway. that makes you stand out Chief.

  5. Well, yes I think bloggers are not the type of geek you find in dictionaries. Wait, I just mentioned the more fitting attribute for Mr. Mobility’s kind of geek. That’s geeks with social attributes.

    Yes, Mr. Mobility is not the dictionary kind of geek, but rather a technical blogger. My humble opinion.

  6. Well, if you would rather hang around in pubs and have a few beers with friends; if you would rather be on Kuramo beach, admiring the dunes on a public holiday; if you would rather be at an Owambe party swirling Satzenbrau and tearing @ a chicken wing and trapezing to Makossa..

    If you prefer those ones to trawling the internet, reading tech blogs, or discovering how to infiltrate Siri-servers or catching up on the latest advances in nano-technology, you have no business being called ‘geeky’ or ‘nerdy’

    Imagine Bill Gates dancing to Alanta, or the late Steve Jobs babbling inanities at a memorial service! Un-imaginable!

  7. Let’s just say that bloggers are not necessarily geeks. That simplifies things.

    I would rather be found chilling at the beach, at the cinema, an eatery or a lounge than hacking a phone or PC, or – God forbid – infiltrating Siri servers.

  8. I guess you need bold rim spectacles in your clothing ensemble to fit the commentator’s idea of a geek.But on second thoughts,I am cool with the free spirited nature.

  9. I read the article, didnt like it but i understand why Yomi wrote it.

    Yomi like, most people, seem to have the old Hollywood view of what a geek is. That “unsocial” guy that lives with his parents until his 30s playing with all things computers. Hollywood wanted us to believe that being smart and cool were mutually exclusive. Being a geek became a stigma, which is why Yomi writes a 20+ paragraph article on a tech website denying he is one, why Eye.Bee.Kay thinks Bill doesn’t dance or Steve never babbled inanities.

    The reality is, a person’s character is in no way related to how tech smart he/she is. I am a geek and I have more of a social life than Yomi has described here.

    Yomi, I have no issues with you stating your geekiness or lack of it but when you say things like I am not a geek because i dance and go to the movies, what are you implying about those of us that are geeks?

    When we stereotype people, it leads to discrimination and all its attendant problems.

  10. Jide,

    I didn’t make up the definition of the term geek. And I don’t know about what Hollywood tried to do or not. But I have met people who fit the exact definition of geek that I presented above. They exist and they are real.

    If you don’t fit that definition, perhaps you are not a geek. Unless of course you can get the definition changed.

    PS: By the way, geekiness is not a function of character but of personality.

  11. Jide said..

    I am a geek and I have more of a social life than Yomi has described here.

    then you are NOT a geek. You just imagine you are.

    You may be tech_smart, but that is all.

    To qualify, you need to be sociopathetic to a certain level and must prefer your techno_gizmos to human companionship.

    Note the operative word – PREFER.

    Otherwise you are NOT a geek..

  12. Ok, guys, I wont argue, to each man, his own.
    We seem to have a disparity on the meaning of “geek”.
    We will agree to disagree, abi?

  13. Well, after reading all above, I have to say that I am a geek.

    Right up till my final year, many of my friends thought I was celibate or gay or a freak. I had very little social life, preferring to read my books or be on a computer. I was rarely seen without a book.

    4 years later, and I’m happy to be a much improved man. I’m more social now. I’ve had girlfriends. I’m not so dependent on my computer anymore. I can actually leave my house and go somewhere without a book/magazine/phone.

    However, I’m still a geek. I’m still passionate about science, technology, books, etc. I don’t enjoy going to clubs or large social functions. I would rather spend money to buy a new phone than go clubbing with my girlfriend.

    But I like myself as I am. At the moment, there are a few women willing and ready to marry me with all my flaws…;-)…so, no long thing!

  14. 🙂 But my parting shot, an excerpt from an article at

    William Henry Gates III was born October 28, 1955, in Seattle, Washington. His father, William Henry Gates Jr., is a prominent Seattle attorney, and his mother, the late Mary Maxwell, was a school teacher, regent at the University of Washington and chairperson of the United Way International. He married Melinda French Gates, a Microsoft manager, in 1994. Together they have a daughter, Jennifer, born in April of 1996. In his leisure time Gates enjoys reading, playing golf, and bridge. Gates received $2.5 million in advance for his bestseller The Road Ahead. The book covers Gates’s views on the future of the Internet.

    If Gates, “The First Geek” has a social life, then how can you guys say having a social life negates your geekiness? 🙂

  15. How does reading, playing golf and bridge in his leisure time necesarilly translate to a healthy social life? That excerpt does not tell us anything about his personality and lifestyle. It doesn’t indicate geekiness or otherwise. We need to have the details – his preferences et al.

    May I also ask who made Gates the “first geek” and by what yardsticks?

  16. 🙂 Ok, ok, just read spacyzuma comment, so this my last, last, last comment, I am supposed to be working o. 🙂

    Spacyzuma, why do you think you are flawed? Hope its not because you are a geek. Your personality [thanks for the correction, Yomi] is most likely that of an introvert, if it wasn’t computers, i bet something else would have kept you in your room during your Uni days. You are not flawed o, you are just you.

    I am going back to work o. 🙂
    Thank you all for a stimulating discussion.

  17. Spacy,

    I didn’t write this article to make geeks look bad, and i hope that no-one is reading it that way. It is okay if you are a geek. Being a geek is not a disease that needs curing. There’s nothing wrong with that. Enjoy your life to the max. We are all “flawed”, just in different ways.

    By the way, would anyone here believe if I say that I am an introvert? No? But I am. Really. Honest.

  18. Phrenology claims to deduce level of intelligence from head shape.

    Graphology tries to judge personality from handwriting.

    Geekiness may-after all- have something to do with body structure!
    These psychologists / psychoanalysts must really be nuts!


    Like i was discussing with a friend, ‘madness’ has no universally accepted definition. Neither ds’geekiness’ and being’in (-ex)trovertednes’

    they are immeasurable contours and thus subject to varying / subjective interpretations..

  19. Hahaha….
    You all make me laugh. You freaks. (sorry for the choice of words. No insults intended)

    Geeks trying to hide behind precise dictionary definitions.
    With time and maturity, we have come to learn that precise dictionary definitions do not explain everything. Nothing is actually black or white in this life. All are shades of gray.

    So geeks, stay cool and be blessed rather than denying the fact. And EyeBeeKay the internet geek, please stop giving legal backings to the runnaway geeks.

  20. Wgen yomi said we all are flawed,i agree with him.Yomi’s biggest flaw {my opinion, which i had raised before} is that he defines the boundary of the discuss and rigidly stick by matter what the contrary opinion or suggestion is. In it I find his CG.

    He is like the Apple brand-you cant change me,afterall I am a succes.

    Where the hell is afewgoodmen,i want to read your comment.

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