"I love my Lumia's sexy live tiles" – Andy Ameh

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Andrew Ameh is a long-time follower of Mobility.ng. He also participated in our Mobility Give-away 2013, with his entry winning the Nokia Purity HD Stereo Headset by Monster. Here is what he sent in:

Mobility Giveaway 2013 - Andy Ameh

One thing I like most about my Lumia smartphone is the sexy live tiles of the start/home screen. I change the theme to suit the weather and/or my dressing for the day.

I often use it for show off. So, whenever I want to distract a lady or get her attention in the office, I drop it on her desk. With the tiles flipping here and there ladies cant help but ask: what phone is this? I often enjoy myself telling them it is a Nokia Lumia.

As for Mobility.ng, it is my No.1 blog site because it covers not just gadgets, but almost everything that has to do with life. From gadgets to music, religion, social actives and so on. If visiting mobility.ng can be compared to food, then I will say it is a balanced diet.

Andrew S Ameh

  1. I knew Andy would be a winner. It has also been interesting to watch Andy’s transition from a Lumia sceptic to a Lumia lover and Windows Phone poser, lol.

    A well deserved win – congrats Andy.

  2. Wao! Unbelievable!Thank you Nokia, thank you mobility.ng. Thanks to @Ibk, @Noni and all the fans of mobility.ng
    I have been in the village since 24th without electricity and network. I am typing this message from the top of a hill where my phone manages to pick just three bars of glo network. You can now imagine how backward this village of mine is, but at least there is abundant fresh palm wine, fresh bush meat and plenty plenty. Enough good palm wine to make anyone forget the absence of network and electricity for sometimes.
    I will be back at my place of work tomorrow and then try to catch up with what i have missed so far.

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