I reboot my Galaxy S II every other day

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I don’t know about other Galaxy S II users, but I have to reboot my Samsung Galaxy S II every other day. It isn’t a big pain, but it happens all the same.

I use it as a wireless hotspot to get work done on a laptop PC on a regular basis. Every other day or so, after a few hours of running smoothly, the hotspot service (or packet data) begins to misbehave. The buttons to enable/disable either stop responding.

When that happens, the only solution is to restart the device. This trend was there while running GingerBread, and it still is there now running Ice Cream Sandwich. I have learnt to live with it. As a matter of fact, I am writing this article because it just pulled that stunt on me a few minutes ago.

Oh, and I have had the Galaxy S II reset a couple of times while running the WordPress app for Android. Yes; life happens. It is all in the day of a mobile user.


  1. The android system loads up applications in the background on its own, this clogs system resources, so u need an app that would stop it from using system resources, loading up apps you are not using. I have two suggestions for you free apps, trend micro longevity beta, this stops unnecessary apps running, then you can install along side trends app, an app to clear the cache of your device, its also free, it is called one click clear… With these apps running on your device,u r home n dry, enjoy.

  2. Yeah. In fact, android users are advised to reboot their device daily in their product manuals.

    @Mr Mobility, did you have reboot issues with your xperia phone. Mine freezes and restarts a dozen times a day. A search online shows its a common problem

  3. @ efe, do you use an xperia pro?, mine does not restart it self, the only time i experienced a restart was when i tried to install an app from an outside source other than google play, i promtly uninstalled the app and since then i am home free. I use android 2.3.4 not rooted with firmware 4.0.1.A.0.283, i want upgrade to 4.0.2.A.0.62 (not ICS).

  4. I use xperia neo. The phone was fine when I just got it but started misbehaving after I updated a few months ago. It freezes and reboots a dozen times a day for no apparent reason. Google “sony xperia restart bug”

  5. I use galaxy s2 as well and don’t come across this issue. I can’t remember the last time I rebooted my phone. I used to believe in those task killers too before . Later learned they do more harm than good. They occupy unnecessarily ram space. Right from froyo (2.2) Google has put in place systems that will help manage ram usage. So, no need for those task killers. I have been running official firmware on my sgs2 (from gingerbread to ICS) and hardly ever had to reboot. I also use mine as hotspots sometimes at home and in the office. The phone now runs faster with better battery life after installing cyanogen mod9.

  6. (
    Right from froyo (2.2) Google has put in place systems that will help manage ram usage. So, no need for those task killers

    the task_killers also serve the secondary purpose of reducing wasteful data consumption.

    you do need them to kill all those tasks that autostart unnecessarily in the background, not so?

  7. @eyebeekay, you are right. Its just that after reading the pronouncement from Google about task managers I decided to stop using them. We all used to believe in battery calibration too before until Google said it was an unproductive exercise.

  8. And to think one has to go through all these after spending so much money getting these sweet babies….

    This revelation coming just when i am contemplating buying an android to replace my stolen Xperia x10i…

    I can see my hunger for HTC Desire HD flying out thru the window….

  9. Thank you Apple for giving us iOS devices. We don’t have to worry about running background apps clogging the works.

    I now see the wisdom in Apple’s limited impementation of multitasking and tight control over their products.:D

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