Hello, Football lovers in the house. If you’re the kind that enjoys gaming on your phone, I have good news for you. PES 2017 is

I tried out PES 2017 and here’s what happened

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Hello, Football lovers in the house. If you’re the kind that enjoys gaming on your phone, I have good news for you. PES 2017 is out. It has been out for a while now. The experience wasn’t bad at all. Very improved graphics, great game play and a ton of new features. I used the holiday period to install and play it, and here are my thoughts on the game:

PES 2017

My Experience with PES 2017 on Android

  • It is large. 1 GB large. So if you’re not willing to sacrifice that much for a mobile Android game, just forget it. Or you can cop it from someone else.
  • One thing you might not like though is that it requires data to play. At first launch, you are required to download and install Google Play Games – an app that syncs with the game, showing and recording your achievements.PES 2017
  • This game is visually appealing, with beautiful graphics. All the flicks and tricks – goal celebrations and all – are more real. You will love it.PES 2017
  • Maybe it is just me, but it appears this game is way too easy for my liking. See me waltzing through defenses like a boss and scoring exquisite goals. I can’t seem to find where to change the difficulty level. Maybe they’re giving me welcoming sessions before the thrashing begins.PES 2017

If you were patient enough to read till this point, then you should try out this game yourself. I lost about 2.8MB of data after playing for about 2 hours straight. Not bad if you have a running subscription. There are many other features in here: Create your own team, Campaigns, Online Mode, etc.

PES 2017

You can Download PES 2017 from Google Play Store HERE.

Alternatively, you can get the apk (26 MB) HERE, and the data file (1GB) HERE. After downloading, Extract the data file to Internal Storage/Android/obb” Folder. Cheers.


  1. I’ve been playing PES Club Manager (I’m assuming it’s the same game?) since 2016. I’m sure I use about 10GB a month on this alone!

    If you’re playing at the Regular level, yes it seems easy. It gets harder trust me, especially at the professional level. I use Facebook for mine which is easier if I change OS. Unlike FIFA games, you can only play on one platform at a time so I can’t play on both iOS and Android.

  2. Thank for the mini review, Elroy. This just reminded me of a struggle I’m having currently. I can’t seem to buy games/apps from Play Store. I used my GTB & Zenith Bank’s Naira Master card, but neither worked. While GTB sends me a DCC restriction email, Zenith Bank’s card won’t even register as a payment method! Keeps bringing out a freak “incorrect card details” msg even when all my inputs are accurate. I understand some banks have suspended Internet transactions, but is there any way to go around this? I’m really frustrated. FMM 17 has been out since November 17 and I can’t buy it 😢

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