I upgraded my TECNO Camon C8 to Marshmallow

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After reading of the arrival of Android Marshmallow on the Camon C8, I decided to take the plunge and Upgrade my TECNO C8 OS to 6.0. No rooting or anything. Just direct from SDCARD.

Estimated time was said to be for 5 minutes once installation is completed and device reboots. It has taken 4 minutes.

TECNO Camon C8 Marshmallow

Update completed. The UI feels alien. LOL. I am still trying to locate my stuff. Icons are “flatter” I need to read more about the OS (find out more about HiOS – Editor). And lastly, the device seems faster so far.

Here are some screenshots:

TECNO Camon C8 Marshmallow About

TECNO Camon C8 Marshmallow Homescreen

TECNO Camon C8 Marshmallow Lockscreen



  1. after updating, the phone’s camera app started misbehaving, i.e would show images upside down while other camera apps would show images in view with the normal portrait mode,,, until the phone is restarted, but this error occurs frequently and 3days after updating , my speaker stopped working, 3 hours after that i switched my phone off, and if has refused to charge or power thereby making the phone useless

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