No; Android is not necessarily for poor people. but it accomodates everyone – rich and poor. Which is partly why over 80% of the amrtphone market globaly is made up of Android devices.

I use an Android Device. I’m not a Cheapskate. Thank you!

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Lately, I keep running into people who refer to me as poor because I use an Android device. “You cannot afford an iPad. That is why you use the Galaxy Note 10.1,” is the subtle (or not so subtle) message embedded in these Apple fanboys’ arguments.

While I will not even attempt to address the issue of fanboyism on this post, I will however address the fact that I chose to get the Galaxy Note 10.1 instead of an iPad 3 because of the stylus or S Pen that comes with the Note. Another reason that propelled me to get the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is the software skin called Touchwiz that Samsung puts on top of stock or default Android.

Features such as Multi-Window where you can run more than one application at a time, and pop-up play where you can play a video and still continue using the device are some of the novelties that come bundled with TouchWiz on Samsung’s Android devices.

I can watch a video, surf the web, and tweet at the same time. Pretty sweet right? Well, according to the aforementioned fanboys, that is wrong. As far as they are concerened, I got the Note 10.1 because the Apple iPad is too expensive for me.

I usually do not enter into fanboy arguments, but it just got to me today [yesterday]. I mean why will you just conclude that I only use an Android device because I cannot afford the overpriced gadgets spewed out by Apple? Today [yesterday] alone, I had four (4) Apple fanboys telling me that Android is meant for and used by cheapskates and anger just brewed in me.

iPhone versus Android OS

It is no secret that Apple’s gadgets are over-priced – way high above the competition – but you do not see me taking a stab at them for that. Neither will you see me call an Apple product like the iPhone 5, for example, a glorified toy for simpletons who are not brilliant enough to know how real (Android) phone runs.

Are Android device users really poor?

Okay so the above paragraph was too harsh but you get how it sounds like when I’m called poor just because I prefer openness, customisation and choice over a stale, closed and tiny screen device like the iPhone. I’m not hating. Neither am I against the iPhone, but “To each his own” is a philosophy I go by. I do not judge a person based on the side they chose. FYI, I have indeed seen geeks who use iPhones and they are pretty happy with it.

android vs ios

Almost everybody who I’ve seen who uses Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy S III or the Note II can afford the iPhone 5 two times over but they chose their Galaxy phones and they are happy with them. And for your information, not everyone who uses the oft-mentioned iPhone 5 have bootloads of cash either. We know those who borrow or empty their bank accounts (or sleep around) to get an iPhone 5 (or any other phone for that matter too).

No; I am not a cheapskate because I use an Android device. Those who call me or infact any other Android user a cheapskate obviously do not know that sweat and blood is required before we drop it for our “cheap” Android device. To each his own! *drops mic and walks off stage sweating*

Let the comments begin!

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  1. *or sleep around* ha ha.
    Methinks that buying a device just because it is popular and expensive and that it will “increase your social status” is not really right. Get what works for you, make some research first before going for any device and you don’t have to break a bank before you get something that will be ok at least.

  2. From custom roms to under clocking and over-clocking to governor changes…to stock roms and varieties of skins to choose from (manufacturers)…I’ll rather be called cheap than get an over priced a.k.a expensive phone that has a bluetooth I can’t use..Am I a learner ni??!!

  3. It’s obvious that most people, especially Nigerians, that use Apple products buy them for ego’s sake, not for what suits their needs. To me, such people are cheap, cheaper than folks who buy cheaper devices that meet their needs.
    Apple folks want to show off that they use expensive devices. But then, they silently suffer the restrictions imposed on them by Apple products.
    Truth is, I personally see iPhone and Apple ecosystem as a BEAUTIFUL PRISON. In that prison, you have access to the expensive, exotic things of life, but you don’t enjoy freedom. Imagine, people pay through their nose to buy an iPhone and then still have to pay to download essential apps. Apple thrives on double, if not triple/multiple, exploitation of Apple users.
    Apple has its products manufactured on cheap labour in China, yet slams greedy costs on them. Their so-called legendary profit margins declared every year are nothing but insanely capitalist rip-off of customers, apps developers, channel partners and all.

    Anyway, I have no use for Apple products. What new thing does Apple offer in their devices that I can’t get in competing brands? The other day at my mechanic’s workshop at Ikeja, a lady whose boyfriend flaunts iPhone saw my Samsung Galaxy Note2 and drooled over it. I gave it to her to play with and she couldn’t stop raving about the awesomeness, while she complained of ‘plenty wahala’ of her boyfriend’s iPhone. So much for expensive iJoke. Give me a break.

  4. I did say something last time that captured your sentiments here, only that I generalized which was wrong. Some iPhone users are really in it for ego rather than needs or for any features/services from Apple or the idevices.

    No matter the amount of money available to me today, I know that spending it on any Apple device will represent a waste for me because using it as a daily device beyond calls, SMS web browsing and its very good camera will frustrate me to death. Yes, I played with a friend’s iPhone 4S a while back and liked the camera, but that is about the only thing about the iPhone 4S that I found impressive, but the price tag is just to much for a camera.

  5. @Harry Echemo – You are spot on in this comment as opposed to the last one. There was a time I was with an Apple fanboy too and he just refused to acknowledge that Samsung was anything other than cheap plastic. I tried arguing with him but when i realised that his mind was stuck in a bootloop i just left him to ramble on for about two hours before i fled.

  6. Lately, I keep running into people who refer to me as poor because I use an
    Android device.

    I’d rather be poor materially than have suffer from” poverty of the mind”.

    Those who say things like, “show me your phone (or car, etc) and I will tell you who you are ” just need an elevation of their perception of life.

    don’t break any sweat on such people they are not worth it.

  7. The second to the last line should read ‘*SMASHES mic on the stage, exits stage left, clothes dripping sweat *’ hehehe

  8. The first thing this reminds me of is the day I took a picture on my Nokia 808 and a guy using an iPhone5 said, “Thats a good picture, even my iPhone5 cant take that”.

    Generally from what have seen must people(NOT ALL)using iPhones don’t know how capable the other devices are, and a lot of Nigerian have turned using iphones into a social status.

    But I have to give it to Apple the way they have organized iTunes, and wish someone somehow comes up with something better. iTunes just makes everything available, but at a PRICE.

    Android Tabs offers so much more than the iPad but I really wish Android apps could meet up with iPad on Apps.

  9. I presently own the note 2 and the galaxy 10.1and absolutely enjoy these devices. I have seen people who have Ipad and at times feel sorry for them.Most dont even know what to do with it except to show people they own it and the others l have noticed have a headache everytime they have to do very simple tasks. Why would you have a headache everytime you need to do something especially outside the ecosystem. But such is life, everybody should have a choice. Some live in communist nations and like the controls and some like the free enterprise nations. Some like Hummer jeep and some are ok with Toyota starlet. Be happy with what you bought and stop the manipulation of trying to talk others down so they can buy what I see some stuck with. Peace to all men in Jesus name.

  10. THANK YOU for this post!

    At my UK University, the amount of iPhones and iPads I see everyday is confounding (and also mildly annoying. hehehe). Since I got here, many people have asked me why I also use the Galaxy Note 10.1 as a tablet instead of iPad. Or use N9, BB and Android smartphone instead of iPhone. It’s so annoying.

    At another department, every masters student is required to own and bring an iPad to class. I mean, WHAT?!

    Just this morning, I got into a heated argument with 2 classmates over the advantages and disadvantages of iOS/WP8/Android. One has just the iPhone5. Another has the Galaxy Note 2 and iPhone 4S. I had my Lumia920 and Pliris Blaze. I did enjoy showing them why I bought the Lumia920 instead of any idevice. I used my USB cable to plug into a lab computer, transfered files to and fro. Transfered the same files using bluetooth. Deleted files on the phones. They couldn’t use their iPhones to do any of these things without mentioning jailbreaking. 😀

  11. Frankly, you really have spare time to debate with fan boys, I bought an iPad,iPhone and iPod at different times with my own money and found them pretty useless to me because of the way apple makes very simple things complex and next to impossible sometimes. I sold them off and replaced them with the Samsung galaxy tab2 10.1, galaxy player and Samsung galaxy S3. I have nothing against people who use apple products but for anyone to suggest that Android is for people who can’t afford iproducrs is just plain stupid.

  12. You should rather waste your time playing Temple Run 2 on your SGN II 10.1 than trying to remove veils from blindfolded iSheep.
    I don’t involve myself in arguments like that anymore. I simply walk-away because I would want to talk.

  13. One thing that no one has mentioned is the iPhone isn’t actually overpriced. It’s under spec’d.

    Find its Android comparison, plasticky though it may be. Heck, let’s throw in the Pure view 808 and Lumia 920 into the mix. You could probably do the same with the Mac Book Pro and its equivalent Windows laptop, or iPod and equivalent MP3 player. What you are getting for your money is less, not more. And worse still, with each year, rather than being innovative, the difference in specs isn’t that significantly different to the previous years model. I always advise people looking to upgrade their iProducts to do so every 2-3 years if they feel the need to, rather that being desperate to get the next new thing now.

    Years ago when I first used a Mac, I believed it was the easiest machine for someone not computer savvy,the graphics were beautiful, the size was lovely. But as the years go by, I still cannot justify buying a Mac in any format, simply because, per Naira/dollar/pound/Euro, I get more bang for my buck elsewhere.

    That is not about being cheap. Yes, Apple make beautiful devices but for me functionality takes precedence over looks. Others can deal with the limitations of iProducts and are happy with them. But this superiority by some just goes to show there are a lot of people in need of validation through what they own.

  14. Good talk Noni. You’re damn right. It’s typical of some Nigerians to seek self-esteem validation through flaunting glitzy material objects like cars, phones, fashion items, etc. To me, iPhone or any i-thing is a fancy fashion accessory, while an Android or Windows or even BB device is a useful practical everyday tool for real everyday people. Period.

  15. The Apple saga….can’t they just go back to being a fruit? No one has ever called me cheap (I’m pretty generous with my fist). I used to nag and bit*c all day about how locked down and restricted IOS is but recently I’ve changed 3 different blackberries in less than 2months, gotten a tad bored with Android and BB and I’m desperately considering getting an Iphone….I’m just bored. For social status? Tsk! Am I a learner?

  16. “to each his own” <— rule of life… tired of all diz fanboyism. almost fell for some side-chick but I love my droid n am sticking with her & we all know y. d bias of dis country sucks, we all can afford bb n iphones pls,cos we ain't using them don't mean we ain't got the cheddar

  17. Sadly the problem in Nigeria (and I can’t say what they do in other places but it’s not my experience) is that we rate people by their possessions. It’s a poverty and show-off “I pass my neighbour” mentality.

    Which is not to say this kind of snobbery doesn’t exist in other circles,it just seems to be pervasive in some places than others. I’ve seen good conversations online get destroyed by fanboys. Very easy to do online because they are nameless nd faceless. I can bet if you look a little closer, their lifestyle aren’t as superior as they like to make out.

    You want to own a BlackBerry Porsche,iPhone 5/iPad 4 or SGN2? Go ahead, but don’t denigrate other device owners or feel you are smarter/wealthier/wiser than them. By all means disagree about why you don’t like the device, but when you start insulting the device owners, it shows the real problem is with you.

  18. The way I’m seeing it, it seems everyone that commented here use a non iOS device.
    Well, if someone buys an idevice just for the social status benefits, good for them. As long as they are satisfied with it. To digress a little, I see so many people “wearing” Beats by Dre like its a dress accessory (many are even fake ones). But they are satisfied with it (in my opinion there are many other headphone brands far better than Beatz).
    I’ve actually come across many people who don’t even utilize their idevice well except for making calls and sometimes browsing. I’ve also come across WP and android users doing the same. But we can’t deny it, the mobile phone industry it’s a very good example of how branding works better for some manufacturers more than others.

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