I dance. I love to dance. Actually, you could use that as my epitaph and I would rest in peace. When I dance, its me

I wanna dance with somebody!

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Mister Mo

I dance. I love to dance. Actually, you could use that as my epitaph and I would rest in peace. When I dance, its me having a blast, whether anyone thinks I can dance or not. I just wanna have fun. However, I have a problem: I am unable to find anywhere to go dancing that does not involve late nights or all nights. I don’t want to have to go club in order to dance. I just want to dance.

Dancing is fun for me, but it is also a very effective way to stay healthy and keep this aging body in shape. For someone who lives a sedentary lifestyle, exercise is vital, and dancing is very good exercise. After a day of sitting at a desk, reclining on a couch or sitting in a car – all physically passive activities – I would love to go dance for an hour or two. Great workout. On weekends, I would love to take two to three hours out to go dance too – in the mornings or evenings. Sadly, I cannot find such a place. Or I have not found such a place.

No: I do not want to do Salsa classes. I want to dance. I want a DJ playing songs that I can twist and shake and fool around to anyway I like. I want to laugh at myself, take a break whenever it pleases me and have a glass of Chapman, then get up the next minute when the tune changes to Gangnam Style or Gaga Crazy! I am sure that you get the point. Yes; I just want to dance! You know: groove, swing my waist, raise my hands, shout, sweat, feel my legs ache, and leave just before I drop dead. Don’t worry about the “drop dead” part. I’d sooner die from the stress of trying to make a decent living in this crazy city than from dancing.

Anyway, do you know of a place that fits the above description? Be kind as to point me there if you do. I am sure though that if such places exist in this Lagos, they must be very few. Very, very few.

I have a dream. I have a dream that one day I shall setup such a place here in Lagos. I know that there is a need for it. There are lots of people who would love to have fun dancing but who would prefer not to go clubbing to do it. Sooner or later, you will hear of Mo’s Place. Or Mo Towers. Mo Something sha. Then I can dance all I want, and perhaps you can join me. After all, dancing alone isn’t quite half the fun that dancing with somebody is. Yes; I have a dream. I wanna dance with somebody!

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