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Rumoured Microsoft Surface Phone

Yes; I know that this image isn’t new. It is a depiction of the rumoured Microsoft Surface Phone. As you probably already know, I don’t care much for rumours and vapourware. I love to focus more on facts and then actually play with the real deal. You know, touch it, hold it, smooch it… Okay I’m snapping out of that! But you do catch my drift; don’t you?

Here is the deal about the pictured phone above though. I am in love with this design. Absolutely. There is something stately, elegant, and very business-like about it. It reminds me of the BlackBerry PlayBook’s aesthetics. If this is the Surface phone, Microsoft better be really working on one. They need to make sure that it gets out in the market ASAP. If Microsoft is not, somebody else needs to be kind enough to steal this design, produce it and ship it ASAP.

Here are the words that come to mind when looking at this: graceful, tasteful, understated design, and refined.

I want to hold this thing, caress it, and carry one around everywhere I go. Windows Phone looks good on it, but I am betting that any other OS would look good on it. Put Android on it, and I will get one. Heck, put iOS on it, and I will get one for myself. No-one else really has to like it. I just want this smooth, cool hardware for myself. Oh, yes, baby; I have a dream!

In the meantime, I shall get back to real life while I keep my fingers crossed that one day, this dream will come true and I will find myself carrying a device that is as beautifully crafted as this.


  1. You don’t to worry or dream too much, the people at Samsung have the reputation of copying the hell out of others. So just wait a little, you are definitely going to see Samsung phones wearing that kind of dress as you see on the picture, provided they have also spotted the rumoured materials.
    And by the way, if you have any good design you want to see on a phone, maybe the best way to get it out to the market fast is to put it up in a rumour as a product some reputable and big company is working on, and maybe even Samsung themself and they will help you get it out fast. LOL.

  2. That is what my brother and I would call a “slab o’ phone”. While I can appreciate the size, width and depth ,the squareness doesn’t appeal to me. But each to his/her own.

  3. Actually I like the look. But “a rectangular slab with rounded corners” rings a bell that reminds me of suits.

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