I Want A Samsung Galaxy Note Pro


The Samsung Galaxy Note Pro is a concept mobile that exists in my head. Basically, it is the Note II with a QWERTY keyboard and a smaller display, probably 3.5 inches. I want the same internals. The only difference would be the hardware keyboard.

I like the Samsung Galaxy Note II. That huge display makes for easier touchscreen typing. Much easier than on smaller displays. Yet, as with every touchscreen mobile that I have used, the errors that I churn out on it are still at embarassing levels. Many of those errors would never see the light of day on a much smaller mobile with a good hardware keyboard. For example, the tiny BlackBerry Curve 9320 was a joy to churn out long articles on with minimal typing errors. Here on this huge 5.5-inch display, almost every paragraph turns out something that I have to go correct later.

Nothing beats the hardware QWERTY keyboard. Touchscreen typing apologists will disagree, but often when I am moderating comments here on MOBILITY, I run into the garbled text submitted as comments (from their touchscreen devices, of course) and just smile. Touchscreen typing remains a big joke compared to typing on a hardware QWERTY keyboard.

Here is Mo wishing and hoping that someone at Samsung will give me a Note Pro – a QWERTY version of the Note II in candybar form. Or someone at Nokia, Sony, or HTC. I have my eyes on that upcoming N-series BlackBerry though. Yes; this one:


If I don’t get my hardware QWERTY fix elsewhere, hopefully I can always count on RIM. They better make sure that BlackBerry 10 succeeds. For my sake.

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