I Want A Samsung Galaxy Note Pro

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The Samsung Galaxy Note Pro is a concept mobile that exists in my head. Basically, it is the Note II with a QWERTY keyboard and a smaller display, probably 3.5 inches. I want the same internals. The only difference would be the hardware keyboard.

I like the Samsung Galaxy Note II. That huge display makes for easier touchscreen typing. Much easier than on smaller displays. Yet, as with every touchscreen mobile that I have used, the errors that I churn out on it are still at embarassing levels. Many of those errors would never see the light of day on a much smaller mobile with a good hardware keyboard. For example, the tiny BlackBerry Curve 9320 was a joy to churn out long articles on with minimal typing errors. Here on this huge 5.5-inch display, almost every paragraph turns out something that I have to go correct later.

Nothing beats the hardware QWERTY keyboard. Touchscreen typing apologists will disagree, but often when I am moderating comments here on MOBILITY, I run into the garbled text submitted as comments (from their touchscreen devices, of course) and just smile. Touchscreen typing remains a big joke compared to typing on a hardware QWERTY keyboard.

Here is Mo wishing and hoping that someone at Samsung will give me a Note Pro – a QWERTY version of the Note II in candybar form. Or someone at Nokia, Sony, or HTC. I have my eyes on that upcoming N-series BlackBerry though. Yes; this one:


If I don’t get my hardware QWERTY fix elsewhere, hopefully I can always count on RIM. They better make sure that BlackBerry 10 succeeds. For my sake.


  1. The only difference would be the hardware keyboard.


    What a (** nasty adjective**) concept for a beautiful phone.

    I cancel that ptayer in Mobile name!

    I agree that Note II screen size may be just too much, but 3.5″?

    Hope that is not a typo? About 4.5 inches should do it for me

    For those who still have agraphiac phobia for touchscreen typing, they may want to try out the new supercharged “KII keyboard Beta”.

    It demonstrates clearly what other keyboard apps want to be when they grow up.

  2. I dont know why phone manufacturers thinks touch screen phones are good for all.I still prefer hardware keyboard any day.Just like you, coincidentally, i also have my eyes on that BB10 Nserie which is touch and type or the slider type.This has been the reason why i always count on my old n900 or even my series 40 T9.The large touch screen can not be the solution to typos.But thank God even the jolla mobile acknowledge that and promised to take phone handiness as a priority.Nokia n900 is a proof that you can make a mobile phone do everything even with a size as small 3.5 inches.

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