The first commercial 4G LTE network in Nigeria (and indeed West Africa) was launched in Ibadan in February 2013 by Smile Communications. This was long

In Ibadan, Glo and MTN 4G LTE services have gone AWOL

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The first commercial 4G LTE network in Nigeria (and indeed West Africa) was launched in Ibadan in February 2013 by Smile Communications. This was long before Lagosians got a taste of the technology, but now the bustling city that is roughly a hundred kilometres away from Lagos is going through hard times with the technology.

Reports About Ibadan, Glo, MTN 4G LTE

Mobility Arena received reports from some users in the city that 4G LTE services on both MTN and Glo have gone AWOL. It sounds unbelievable. We finally got an opportunity to try it out – albeit in a limited way – during a brief visit. Indeed, we couldn’t get our compatible smartphones to pick up a 4G signal from either MTN or Glo at Challenge, Ibadan. It was an odd thing. We sat there wondering how on earth this was happening. But there is a story to it.

We asked another subscriber on the MTN network about 4G in his area. His feedback was that it is unavailable in his area – Agbowo /Bodija, but he got a connection briefly during a trip to Jericho area. We have been unable to get more feedback about Glo’s 4G availability in the city. 

One of our sources says he was told by an MTN staff that the company is having to deal with a face-off from Etisalat (we are not sure if that is linked to this legal tussle). He also says he was told that Glo’s 4G LTE frequency band clashes with Galaxy Television’s frequency. Galaxy Television was the first privately registered television station in Nigeria and broadcasts from Ibadan.

Ibadan, Glo, MTN 4G LTE

Limited 4G LTE Options

According to one of our contacts in Ibadan, if you want to experience 4G LTE service in the city, the options you are left with are Smile, Visafone-MTN (which is different – and separate – from regular MTN 4G), and Spectranet. That will be sad, if true. By comparison, subscribers in Lagos have up to eight (8) options, if not more.

Back in December 2016, when several subscribers across the country experienced MTN 4G blackout, we did a report, Have MTN Nigeria turned off their 4G LTE network? While the service was restored everywhere else, it appears that Ibadan was left out and has remained without service till now.

From the feedback we got, it does not seem that the disappearance of MTN 4G network in Ibadan affects every area of the city. We also are unable to confirm that Glo 4G is absent everywhere. You can can help us paint a more detailed picture with your feedback though. If you live or work in Ibadan or are visiting the city, do check to see if you are able to pick a 4G signal from either Glo or MTN at your location and share your experience in the comments. Please mention your location. We appreciate your feedback.


  1. Same here in kano. We are only enjoying etisalat 4G Lte. MTN and Glo have turned off their 4G services for over 2 months.

  2. I live in Ibadan and the nature of what I do use to take me almost rounded the ancient town every week. If you may ask, there is “no place” I haven’t step my foot on in Ibadan. Apart from Smile and Spectranet, no other 4g network works for now and Smile happens to be the best of the two.

    MTN once show up briefly around November /December and we were all happy till it was switched off in December. up till now, same story. Although the few ones who migrated their sim from visafone to MTN were able to access it then but the story is the same with those who purchase MTN 4g modem in 2016 (not working).

    There is no need to say anything about glo 4g it has never for once been found around here, including Etisalat.

  3. I still don’t know why this phone companies look down so much on Ibadan. They can not make me understand that they don’t make a lot of money from this large city. Even some relatively small towns are busy enjoying 4G LTE Network while we are Ibadan still use the slow 3G. I am still rocking my smilecom LTE it’s very fast and works well on my phone.

  4. Glo LTE don waka comot for Ibadan. It’s like Glo turned it off. Even 3G is not stable at challenge where you have Glo office.

  5. I can categorically confirm that the issue with MTN 4G as experienced in Ibadan and Kano is a result of the NCC vs MTN/Visafone license. MTN planned their 4G rollout in some cities using the spectrum previously acquired by Visafone, NCC however sanctioned that move citing some telecom politics.

    I use MTN 4G here in Ibadan, been to every corner and it works, although I had to get a fresh Visafone sim (powered by MTN).

    I subscribe to normal MTN plans and use all other MTN services like I do on any other MTN line.

    Even the workers at the MTN office are unaware the coverage is not limited to the areas covered by Visafone in the past. Smile has always been my backup network, I wouldn’t even touch glo (and their band 28) with a long pole.

    So get your sef a Visafone sim and surf away.

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