On June 6th at Apple’s WorldWide Developers Conference, Steve Jobs chief executive officer Apple Inc. will address this annual conference to unveil a service that

iCloud Service, iOS Update, at WWDC 2011

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On June 6th at Apple’s WorldWide Developers Conference, Steve Jobs chief executive officer Apple Inc. will address this annual conference to unveil a service that lets users store content online and tout a new version of the software that runs the iPad and iPhone.

Following in the footsteps of Google Inc and Amazon.Com Inc, Apple is creating services that makes it easier for customers to store and access music and other contents via the internet. The songs and other contents are stored on remote servers rather than on a hard drive.

At this conference, Apple will demonstrate features of the new IOS software that powers the handheld device, as well as Mac OS Lion which is the eighth major update for the operating system for Mac laptops and desktops. This cloud option will help the iPhone compete with Google’s Andriod software.

iCloud is an overhaul of Apple’s MobileMe product introduced in 2008 so customers could pay S99 per year to store E-mail, calendar, and other contents on Apple’s servers.

A $1 billion data center has been built in North Carolina. This would be used to store content for this new cloud service.


  1. Finally, a news on iOS and Apple on MobilityNigeria. Lets hope that this would be a harbinger of of excellent things to come. And Apple will finally support Nigeria!

    Yes, this development is welcomed. Some of us cannot wait to upgrade our iOS devices to version 5. Also iOS 5 may bring some much needed features and upgrade to the idevices ecosystem.

    Another feature of the icloud system that makes it endearing is that Apple will scan your iTunes on your laptop or your idevices and replicate whatever song or movie you have there in the cloud. You do not need to physically upload it to the icloud service as you have in the google music. This makes it better because the version o the Apple server will have high bitrate. Reports reaching us suggests it may be free until you get to a certain threshold of data usage. Then thereafter you may be billed a meagre $25 a year. But no one is 100% sure as whatever we hear or read about the icloud service are Merely rumour for now.

    However, it is a much welcomed development!

  2. You should know Apple’s business method well now to begin to hope for a free service from them.
    And by the way, $25 per annum may not sound so meagre when compared to competing services.

  3. why on earth would someone want to stream music he already owns on his device online.. Just dump stuff, I can understand streaming internet radio But not music I already own.. All this cloud thing is just a dumb idea waiting to fail

  4. @martinkem, you kinda make sense. why would I wanna pay $25 to stream music I already have on my phone memory? exhausting my data plan as well? may be when I loose both music data on phone and itunes at same time……but does that really happen?

  5. ‘A $1 billion data center has been built in North Carolina.This would be used to store content for this new cloud service.’

    Following the reasoning line of MartinKem Belushi, this $25 / year may be on the high side for (a) casual use(r)

    But then $1b is not a sum to sneeze at.Continued maintenance of the data centre will cost lots of money. Apple is a business entity.

    There are of course numerous alternative cloud backup services (both paid and free).

    The paid ones would be appropriate for ‘serious’ cloud backups , while the majority of people on non-mission critical tasks may make do with (multiple – for safety) lesser-known ‘cloudists’ – for a lot less money (read – ‘free ‘).

    See :





    At the end of the day, the guiding principles in selecting a cloud service over the other would be reliability (who is behind this service) , performance (the scope scaleability), convenience and finally – affordability of the service.

  6. @eyebeekay u seem to be a proponent of cloud.. Supposed you were subscribed to a cloud service which service would you use frequently..

  7. @eyebeekay… Since you are a proponent of cloud computing. Which of the services of cloud computing do you or would you use.. For me the only thing I use is the mobical syncml to back up my contacts, calendar, notes and previously sms. I can’t phantom why i back up my entire music collection online. I’ve got a spare memory card and harddrive for that purpose. For my important documents that i keep them safe in my computer and spare money. I can’t trust anybody or company to keep that for me.

  8. @martinkem, the only advice i could give is not to rely on any SINGLE cloud backup service (especially if it is a FREE one!)

    For my phone contacts, sms and calendar, i use B.u.m.p (see http://mobility.com.ng/2011/04/12/back-up-my-phone-b-u-m-p-for-symbian/ )

    I also use Youlu Address Book (see youlu.com and http://artwales.wordpress.com/2011/03/18/youlu-address-book/ )

    The main advantage I see in cloud computing is -you have access to your data from any connected device from wherever you are. True data mobility. With web apps, you have true mobile computing as you can leave your gadgets behind wild still having access to everything)

    It is up to each individual to decide if that convenience is worth the other possible headaches like data security, failed internet connection, etc)

  9. @Afewgoodmen
    Some may just wait a little longer before updating, those of us with jail broken iPads cos I am sure that apple is going to seal up the iPad again.
    I am curious about the Internet services you guys use in accessing your cloud services, starcomms? GSM? With these, I am sure music streaming would be a frustrating experience and syncing of files may just be limited to small sized ones.
    That said, I would suggest that a major consideration in deciding your choice of a cloud service vendor should be the one that can offer their services across the most platforms, that way, you can access your data from wherever with whatever. DROPBOX should be a good consideration. I even doubt if apple’s cloud will be available to we mere mortals in naija!

  10. Cloud services – on any platform – will certainly take time to catch on here where income is largely low, and bandwidth is hyper-expensive, not to mention slow and epileptic.

    For backup of contacts and even important documents, sure. But media files are heavy and mean lots of headache with the reality on ground for the majority of the world’s population.

  11. Afewgoodmen,

    This is not the first news item on iOS and Apple on MobilityNigeria, and you know it. There have been several. Let’s not misinform newer readers please 😉

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