i.Con, the world’s first smart condom, is like a Fitbit for your member

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We created devices to make our lives easier. Then someone developed smart condoms. British Condoms made this new device, called i.Con. According to them, the i.Con is a ring designed to slide over any conventional condom at the base. It counts the number of thrusts you make, the calories burnt per round of sex, and the size of your dick.

Just Like Fitbit

You must have heard about Fitbit. This is a small tracking device you can wear on your person while doing exercises. This tracker connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and provides data such as number of steps walked, heart rate and other fitness parameters. Well, the i.Con is like a Fitbit for your Johnson. According to the company website, if you have ever wondered how many thrusts you make during sex, the speed of thrusts, the duration of your sessions etc., you would find the device useful.


Furthermore, the marketers explained that it is not actually a condom. The i.Con is a small ring that would sit at he base of an actual condom. It makes use of a nano-chip and various sensors, and measures a number of variables during lovemaking sessions. Once you are done, you can download your data to your smartphone through the i.Con app. It connects with the smartphone using Bluetooth technology.

i.Con Detects STis Too

Also, there are various other attributes of the smart condom. For example, it can detect STIs like chlamydia. Furthermore, the producers declared that it’s “super lightweight and comfortable to a point that users won’t know it is there. Also, you can adjust it to suit any penis size. However, that’s not the weirdest part. Users can also share the results of its measurements online. Though they would do that anonymously, of course.

The i.Con is not yet available, though. British Condoms has declined to announce a release date; however, you can pre-order the smart condom for about 59.99 pounds. Hopefully the app will give more details about the device when they release it.


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