iDEA Hackathon 2013 Live Blog: Lessons for developers and techies

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iDEA hackathon 2013

I am here at the iDEA Hub centre at Tinapa, Calabar. Tonight, we had the ten teams who have been hard at work for the last 40 hours or so present the apps that they have worked on. It has been interesting, with some really serious work having been churned out here.

The judges were very very concerned about revenue generation. The whole idea behind iDEA is to incubate businesses, after all. As such, revenue generation is key and developed apps need to have commercial prospects to make sense.

Quite a number of teams were found lacking in the area of income generation.

Presentation & Marketing!
It was also clearly noticed that many teams were found wanting in terms of presentation skills and marketing. Every developer needs a good speaker or spokesperson to deliver pitches with clarity.

Developers and technical people need to understand that business goes beyond having technical skills to include skills in business, communications and marketing. These are essential to success in the market place.

  1. Mister Mo, how is Tinapa. I was there two different times last year. such a lovely nest to steal out to. Their hotel rooms are so cosy and lovely. You will love the dinner buffets, that was where i had my first taste of ‘ekpang nkukwo’
    To the topic, techies are so poor on the business side, which is actually the real deal. I had to leave techie to join full time business development, that’s the only way to push your ideas forward, and of course, make money!

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