I have been on the scene long enough to see bullshit (pardon my French) and recognise it for what it is. Back in the early

If I were really making N1.8m monthly…

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I have been on the scene long enough to see bullshit (pardon my French) and recognise it for what it is. Back in the early 2000s, we had scores of individuals promising people instruction on how to make millions of Naira monthly from the internet. I used to run a web host at that time, so that put me in a privileged position. You see, all of them needed web hosting to put up their websites – and a significant number came to host with us.

There was this guy who always rode commercial motorcycles to and from my office. He would come looking raggedy. He was the template for all the others. They were replicas of him to different degrees. It was all a big hustle: struggling individuals making claims about having made millions online and offering the secrets behind that to unsuspecting others.

Every time that you read or hear something like, “It is very easy to do. You do not need any special computer skills or qualifications. Anybody can do what I’m doing and start making as much as I’m currently making,” your alarms should go off. You are about to get conned. Somebody is about to make easy money off you.

So, this morning, when I saw a marketing pitch by someone claiming to make N600,000 in ten days, and now offering the awesome secret behind his success to others, I saw what it was: another scam. If I were making N600,000 in 10 days – that is N1.8 million in a month – I am pretty sure that I won’t be hustling a cheap report about it online.

Oh; and here is something: people who make bogus claims like that never last. None of those guys who were claiming to be making millions online monthly are anywhere to be found today. I am still here. Another gentleman that I respect from back in the day is Usiere Uko of Nigeria Galleria (which was hosted by my web host from the beginning). He is still here as well, as are others who have stayed diligent and working smart. There is no dirt easy way to make money online or offline.


  1. This article reminds me of that Best Selling Motivational Writer / Speaker..Robert Kiyosaki…of the [Rich Dad Poor Dad] ] infamy..

    This guy likes to talk about how to make money, and makes it sound so easy you wonder why anybody reading his books, and applying the philosophies and principles , would not be a millionaire / billionaire soon.

    The guy uses his own life, as a living example, to teach money acquisition and money management skills.

    But, people who have carefully researched this Author, assert that this guy did not make his dollar_millions from those money making strategies he talks about in his books . but rather, that he made his money selling financial books that gives hopes to millions, and giving international speeches to gullible fools, who dote in him, and part with their money to hear him spin his yarn..

    For those interested, check out John T. Reed demystifying Kiyosaki here….

    While I have no doubt that fortunes can be quickly made online (Zuckerberg, anyone), I doubt that would be commonplace, or that it would be easy, or that it would be quick.

    Mostly, the people who make online money quickly are those selling hope of overnight millions to gullible fools.
    Or those who run those Online Ponzi Schemes, or Forex Traders..

    Sell a Magical Course on how to hit Online Millions @ 2,500 each to just 1,000 Dreamers, and you have N2,5Million…

  2. There is never an easy or quick way to make a buck online. There are several local examples of successes online (Nairaland) as well as dismal failures (enownow); we will do well to learn and adapt. Timely article, sir.

  3. Do not mind those guys. it beats my imagination when people fall prey to such scams. Most people will not share a secret of making money to any person even for a fee.

  4. A very down to earth post. Thanks for sharing. A little favour, if I’m not asking for too much – Can you do a sequel to this post on the legitimate ways to do this right? 🙂

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