This is 2012, and it sucks to high heavens that some website owners and webmasters still do not get it. This is the age of

If it isn't available for mobile, it isn't important

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Desktop or mobile

This is 2012, and it sucks to high heavens that some website owners and webmasters still do not get it. This is the age of mobile. That means that a site needs to be mobile first, and target desktops secondarily. I don’t care how anyone argues it, that’s just the way it should be. More people access a link first on Twitter or Facebook on their mobiles – and then click through to read. You can imagine the frustration when someone does that only to be presented with a website that is designed strictly for wide-screen desktop viewing. What webmaster still does that today?

Ever Heard Of HTML5?
Gone are the days when making a website mobile-friendly was a complicated task. With HTML5, any website can be designed (or re-designed) to be mobile-friendly and adapt to almost any screen size. The learning curve is zero. If you know good old HTML or XHTML, you’re competent enough to play with HTML5. No second set of codes. No separate set of files.

Jurassic Alert
I don’t care who you are, or what the gadzooks you have to say. If I click through to your website on mobile and it presents that tangled mess that you created for desktop viewers, I am out. What you have to say cannot be that important if you are not thinking of the world’s largest web browsing medium. I swear; it cannot be. So, I will not humour you. Sooner, or later, a more sensible person than you will say pretty much what you have to say, and he will present it on a mobile-friendly website, and then I shall go to his site to read it.

In the meantime, you can take your desktop-only website and crawl back to the pre-historic cave that you crawled out of.


  1. oops! Ah! men this is bad, i know this is bad. Every time Mr Mo speaks like this head rolls,and bad things happens-in this case to the website that cant simply go mobile

  2. Very true. I used to visit PCWorld mobile site on a daily basis, but stopped for about 2 months now because each time I click on the bookmarked link, it takes me to an ugly looking desktop version. I have even gone ahead to google for “PCWorld mobile site” just to see if the address has changed or maybe that there’s some problem from my phone but that search yielded not so I resigned and stopped visiting their site even though I still have the bookmark.

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