If you get a tablet, what would you need a smartphone for?

I have been musing at developments in the mobile space for a while. Before now, we had phones, then smartphones. Now, we also have tablet devices (with network connectivity built in).

tablets vs smartphones

I have spent a number of minutes comparing the features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Apple iPad, for example (there’s also RIM’s PlayBook among others) – and the question that I come off with is: If I own a tablet like the Tab, what would I need a smartphone for?

For me, it would make sense to get a more basic device dedicated to voice and SMS, and then use the tablet for my mobile computing needs. That would also wipe out the issue of short battery life for my mobile phone.

I am not sure that I could use a tablet as a phone. Just imagine putting something of that size to your head. Hello? Hello? Nah. The Nokia 9500 would look elegant compared to these guys!

Oh, but there’s bluetooth headsets (and there goes more power). Or plug-in headsets. Perhaps. Or over time, some new technology that lets us receive calls in our heads. Who knows?

Are we heading back to where we started off years ago – the era of carrying two devices, a phone and a PDA? Or will we take convergence to the next level and simply get used to carrying tablets around as phones?

No; don’t look at me like that; I don’t know. Just thinking out loud. Can’t blame a guy.

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