I see people carrying around a couple of devices all the time. I understand the situations that have created the necessity to do that for


If You Must Carry One Device, Which Would It Be?

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I see people carrying around a couple of devices all the time. I understand the situations that have created the necessity to do that for some of us. Some carry two devices because the second one is an official line assigned to them at work. Others do so to have a backup line handy in case of network issues. Even more interesting, someone like Jesse carries one for voice calls, another for internet, and a third for business! PS: If I go missing in action, you know who’s the prime suspect upfront.


I have another friend who has one for business, and a second for multimedia (play).

Anyway, I got thinking today – if I could carry only one device around with me day-to-day, which device would be my choice?


I would have to consider a wide variety of factors and then arrive at a decision.



So, I am throwing this out today – if you were allowed to carry only one mobile device, which would it be, and why would it be your choice?

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  2. Well, there is no clear-cut answer to that one.

    As things are currently, no single device can satisfy all of one’s needs.

    There are two parallel sets of reasons :

    The unreliability of our networks as regards both voice and data. And the pricing factor.

    The second set of reasons is the issus of useability. That is portability, screen size, battery life, input method (touch vs physical keyboard).

    The ifirst set of reasons maiy not be too critical in other climes.

    But the second set applies universally.

    No single device is ever likely to satisfy the divergent/ conflicting requirements of different users.


    Forced to choose, the device I use the most will have to be the one with the best battery life. And, the best portability. These are non-negotiable.

    Every other requirement is tertiary!

  3. I have just reduced my device to two!

    but by the end of the month I will be carrying only the BB. its so complete and do all of my work except the battery suck!

    its got what I need

    * Used it to record while conducting interview or during consulting sessions
    * Video and pictures :: I have lots of Photos
    * email on the go and
    * social media integration

    But my perfect single device, should be able to read blog post and surf the web as if i was on the computer. no one measures up yet (may be Ovim will)

  4. Jesse,

    You keep saying that the battery life of your devices suck. You said that about the N8 and now about the Bold.

    Actually, it looks like the problem is you, because those two devices actually have good battery performance. Considering that you tweet without ceasing (you just go on and on and on), any device will die on you qiickly too.

    If you want to keep tweeting ad infinitum, as you do, be ready to have to charge your phone battery more often.

  5. I currently have 3 phones: Samsung Wave for Browsing with Glo, Nokia 5320XM for mtn sms and receiving calls, Etisalat Dual Sim for making calls.

    For my ultimate device, d primary poperties I need are
    1. Long battery life. Must be able to go through a da of heavy usage. Must also suppost usb charging, so I can carry its usb cable with me.
    2. Should have a comfortable physical keyboard, and support touchscreen too.
    3. Must have a large screen more than 3.2 inches in size, with at least VGA resolution
    4. Must have an OS with perfect connectivity, perfect social media access, and lots of customization.

    The devices so far that fulfil all the above are HTC DESIRE-Z and MOTOROLA MILESTONE 2.

  6. This is the challenge I faced about 3 weeks ago because I just wanted to get one device that can take care of all my needs.As a business and IT consultant..Top on my needs was:
    1. Email
    2. A device I could read my ebooks without sterning my eyes.
    3. A good camera for pictures and videos so I would not be carrying my digital camera around.
    4. A device I could easily use to retrieve data from a memory device.
    5. Entertainment when I need to relax.
    6. A device with a large memory space so I can store all my document in case I need to travel.
    7. A device that can also handle my social media needs.
    8. Battery life also mattered.
    After about a month of research I settle for Nokia N8.It worked the magic..for me.

  7. CONVERGENCE is it for me!!! My super device gotta be an all rounder. Meaning that a near-pc experience must be felt on it. The 5 main features I always ponder on before making a move foa mobile phone are:
    1.The OS
    2.Connectivity (3G,HSDPA,browser,bluetooth etc)
    3.Multimedia (music and video players,radio)
    4.Screen size/type (am a sucker for touchscreens)
    5.Memory card and internal memory storage
    In addition to all these, it must have a very robust battery life.

  8. My ultimate device that I want is practically incredible and too much to ask. It would be difficult to find any that would fit my needs. really. The ultimate device should have;
    1. large touch-screen with high resolution to match!
    2. Intuitive and sublime User interface
    3. At least lots of third party applications!
    4. Play video beautifully and music well.
    5. Accelerometer,gyroscope for gaming
    6. Good, fluid and intuitive browser.
    7. Should have both WiFI and embedded GSM/3 G Radio for always on internet!
    8. Good Battery life; At least 10 hours of Video or intense use of applications
    9. Preferably; Touch Screen only to reduce the bulk, size and weight!
    10. Finally, I should be able to edit documents on the go, have push messages for apps, E-mails inclusive.

    Your Guess?

    Maybe an iPad will do. Maybe the yet to be released ipad 2. It fits my ultimate device!!

  9. Considering that you tweet without ceasing (you just go on and on and on), any device will die on you quickly too.

    Tehehe, Can’t help laughing, he never lets up. He’ll probably get the twitter timeline invader award for 2011.

    My needs are not too complicated, and I wouldn’t need another device if the network providers could just provide stable data services. I keep having to switch sims whenever the internet access on the network I’m currently on craps out. And to make things worse, I get around a lot, so network stability for me if often unpredictable 🙁

    Save for the small screen and unpredictable data access (network’s fault), My trusty E63 works fine for me.

  10. Well @Yomi And @LBanks,

    I pierce through butter like a hot knife :: I am the new TwitterRaver. Call me the Incurable Connector (that is what my bio says)

    I would be having only a single device, the bold 9700 at the end of the month. I loathe carrying more than one device too. 🙂 *nerd*

  11. I’ll would go for a Nokia E5
    Reason: every thing good the Nokia E series range stands for.

    If you want to keep tweeting ad infinitum, as
    you do, be ready to have to charge your phone
    battery more often.

    Well said Yomi. Jesse exhibit symptoms of a twitaholic.

  12. @Kenovo.

    Your choice of E5 is awesome. It is one great device. Used it for a full day and I loved it.

    The design of the QWERTY keypad isn’t just well designed for TwitterRavers like moi (at leat #WeCanAllAgreeThat @JesseOguns Is a TwitterHolic :: Yipeeee!)

    I do great things with Twitter, hence my love for it. Am coming with the next Article in the series about Twitter :: TwitterSlang :: TwitterDynamix and TwitterCodes. If you intend to slice through Twitter like a hot knife through butter; stick your ear close to the ground.

    P.S. Met sound sultan and did an interview of him just by connecting with him on twitter, no middle man, no introduction. (You see what a TwitterHolic can do) *peace* 🙂

  13. I could write a list that will go on and on.

    But to be practical, looking at all the phones currently available in the market and considering the fact that I hate been restricted, the one that averages out is Nokia N8.

    It’s certainly not the fastest or the one that has the highest spec sheet but it strikes a good balance.

  14. I am a quite disappointed that my choice of mobile isn’t mentioned here. I love my N900 save the battery life!
    *Fluid transitions.
    *3G + Wifi.. for me nothing beats that.
    *Full QWERTY keyboard.
    *Incredible data storage.
    Need I say more..

    Doesn’t anybody use this mobile?

  15. @Jujukemist, you need to reconsider. Research shows that one in ten Galaxy Tab buyers returned their tabs from possible dissatisfaction. Check my tweet @dfewgoodmen.

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