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A BBM relationship is one that involves consistent interaction on BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). It can be any kind of relationship – friendship, business, romantic, or whatever. The idea is that you want to interact regularly. I raised the subject of BBM interactions yesterday, and an acquaintance of mine responded with this:

It struck home right away. I can almost tell which of my BBM (or WhatsApp) contacts are using an iPhone: they take forever to respond. iPhone lovers will attempt to shoot me now, but it is the truth – at least from my experience. When I notice that a contact takes forever to respond to my instant messages, I usually find out what phone they are using. Turns out it is either an iPhone (or a Windows Phone smartphone, in the case of WhatsApp).

Yes, Windows Phone OS is just as guilty as iOS. My WhatsApp contacts on Windows Phone often took forever to respond. Whether this phenomenon has to do with the notification systems of those two platforms or something else, I do not know for sure. I just hope that BBM on Windows Phone will not work this way though.

My recommendation? Here:

Yes; get a BlackBerry proper, or get an Android smartphone. Thank me later.


  1. I can’t disagree with you on this one, though I have to say it’s worse with groups than with individual BBM conversations. Not sure why there’s such a delay between seeing the notification and the message actually showing up.

    As a result, I tend to ignore the group conversations – on one occasion I got notifications a day after the conversations took place! I also had the same problem with Skype; it used to be worse but is much better since the last update.

    The only ones that are fluid in my experience are WhatsApp and Telegram. However, since installing Telegram in my Windows Phone I haven’t had the laggy notification problems I had with WhatsApp.

  2. I can only imagine how frustrated the users of iOS and co would be when the chat is dulling on code…Smh

    Via Nokia C1

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