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OnePlus One

The OnePlus One 16GB model costs $299 or GBP229 officially. That is super affordable by flagship standards. Basically, we are looking at one third the cost of many other flagship smartphones in the market.

This weekend, Noni and I explored the cost of purchasing and shipping a OnePlus One smartphone to Nigeria. The result is shocking. Living in a pariah nation is expensive business. You see, OnePlus does not ship directly to Nigeria, so you have to get someone to make the purchase and ship first to the UK or some other “friendly” country. Then, there will be a second leg of shipping to get the device into your hands here in Nigeria.

The 16GB will cost you a total of N86,000, shipping inclusive, if you are resident in Nigeria to get the OnePlus One 16GB model. No; that is not exactly affordable from the Nigerian perspective. Not by a long shot.

I leave you with the words of Noni:

You better really, really want that phone and intend to keep it in a frame.

I agree. If you really do want it that badly, the One can be purchased without an invite every Tuesday on the official OnePlus One webpage.


  1. story for the gods… on top common phone. but what if one really wants it tho???? sad for those

  2. The cheapest way I can think of is if you have a close contact travelling to Nigeria that won’t sell it to you at a great mark-up.

    My rates are reasonable 😀

  3. Mister Mo you know me, I’m some of everything 😀

    Can’t a One Plus One be ordered and delivered via the likes of Shippyme or similar? I wonder if anyone has successfully done it?

  4. Yeah ?still waiting for buhari to turn $1 to #1
    So u can buy phones like this easily

  5. Living in a pariah nation is expensive business.

    So you finally know, Mr Mo. But, on a serious note, it is a pity. Other outlets that shun us include Amazon, Play Store, Apple (not that I want Apple to un-shun us, anyway).

  6. Unfortunately the networks and NITEL didn’t do enough to nip it in the bud when there was limited internet access in Nigeria. Now the deed is done, all we can do is find workarounds (but not in the same way we do data hacks).

  7. Hi.

    Does any one know where I can replace a One Plus One screen? Mine is broken and is fast becoming unuseable.


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