Have you ever put your Globacom SIM card in a new smartphone, but found out that though you are subscribed to a data plan and

If Your Glo Line Keeps Deducting Your Airtime For Internet Usage

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Have you ever put your Globacom SIM card in a new smartphone, but found out that though you are subscribed to a data plan and have the proper GloFlat APN configuration on your device, you are still being billed for internet usage from your airtime? I have had this experience on a few Android and Windows Phone smartphones. The good news is that I eventually cracked the nut and found the solution to this problem.

This issue will be peculiar to users who once had GloDirect service activated on their lines years ago ever before the new GloFlat settings were introduced, though a few newer users may experience it too. Back in the day, GloDirect offered mobile internet at lower than regular tariffs, but was pay-as-you-go. Billing was done from the user’s airtime. It appears that unless the GloDirect service is de-activated, there is something about the way that a few smartphones are built that make them lock on to it and use that regardless of what other settings are entered in the device or what data plan is subscribed to.

If you find that despite having the correct GloFlat settings on your device, your airtime is being used up when you use internet services, it is likely that you once had GloDirect activated on your line and that is creating a conflict on your line.


To resolve this issue, go to the nearest GloWorld outlet and request that GloDirect (also known as GloSecure) be de-activated. Once that is done, you are high and dry and never have to worry about your airtime being debited for internet usage again.

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  1. Impressive sleuthing that was / is.

    but having to go to a Service Centre just to have a checkbix ticked off is just riduculous in this age.

    GLO should have moved on from here!

  2. I had the same challenge some months ago, the only difference is just that I just put a call through to customer service and the issue was resolved.

  3. GLO just sick my 500 naira last week through there glosecure. But I am going to make sure I get my money back. I subscribe to their somonth bundle 3gig data, but to my surprise the 500 loaded just disappeared despite the fact that 3Gig is on my line for data use.
    A reply to my enquiries from their customer care said whenever there is edge/3g as against EDGE/3G my phone will automatically switch to glosecure. My grouse with them is that am I responsible for the fluctuations in their service. I am going to take it up with NCC and exposed them through press

  4. @Benzion72 create a new apn with blackberry.net and set it as default, that’s if you’re not using a blackberry device. I am currently using the somonth plan on my android phone without any hitches.

  5. Hi, is somonth is working? For i subscribed to the plan, and my money was deducted but wasn’t given 3gb. Please help what should i do?

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