Smartwatches are getting lots of attention these days. Personally, I am not excited yet, and here are my reasons: Table of Contents show 1 Limited

If you’re going to make a smartwatch, pay attention…

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Smartwatches are getting lots of attention these days. Personally, I am not excited yet, and here are my reasons:

Limited Functionality

For now, smart watches are just too limited in what they can deliver. I have my phone in hands a lot to read and interact with people on social media and to be productive. Smartwatches are still very far from doing this, so I will have a smartwatch on and still have my smartphone in my hand most of the time. Sounds like a waste.

Privacy Matters

How do you take calls on a smartwatch? Hold it to your head? Errr…duh. Perhaps via a speakerphone like we see with Dick Tracy and James Bond? Sounds cool but will be often impractical. What happens when you need to have a private conversation? I still have to wear a Bluetooth headset? Get out of here.

More Battery Woes

Who wants to wear a watch that he has to charge every day? Who has the time for that? I plug in my smartphone to charge every day. I already also have to plug in my Bluetooth headset regularly. Now I have to add to those the chore of plugging in a wristwatch too on a daily basis? It is just inconvenient. Phone Boy captured it nicely in this tweet:

Style Matters

Yes; style matters. As Phone Boy dramatically paints in the above tweet, not only is solid battery life essential, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea for my smartwatch to look like a Tag Heuer. It isn’t an absolute essential, but it isn’t too much to ask for, especially considering what these things cost. If I am paying $299 (N48,000) for a watch, it better look like a Movado or a BVLGARI.

I have a dream

I am looking forward to the day when smartwatches will be able to do holographic projections (a projected but interactive virtual screen and keyboard) so I can tweet, reply BBM messages, respond to emails and write blog posts with them without having to pull out my smartphone from my pocket. Problem again is that even holographic projections may be plagued with privacy issues similar to what I mentioned earlier. Oh well. We will find a way. I am looking forward to the day when I can buy a smartwatch and not worry about its battery for a month. I can even ditch style if the functionality is good.

Yes; I have a dream. Until then, smartwatches are just expensive toys that you techies want to show off with.

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