Illegal movie streaming : The drama that happened with Popcorn Time

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Popcorn Time is a movie streaming service that gets it’s sources from torrents. Formerly, this service worked through desktop and Android mobile apps. It wasn’t available on the web due to hosting issues. A 15-year-old Serbian programmer Milan Kragujevic, was able make this possible , and the service was hosted on This got a lot of attention over the weekend.


In an article he wrote:

“I live in a country where copyright law is almost nonexistant, and simply I don’t care,”

“I will keep moving the website, changing domains and providers … I don’t need to earn a single penny from it. I just want to do it because I believe that piracy will eventually cause the streaming bubble to pop, and the movie studios will realize that.”

A day later, piracy advocates hunted and shut down the domain. The young man then moved the site elsewhere to As at time of writing this article, the site is down and no longer available. It appears further threats got to the young man and he gave up.

“It was a nice ride, but it’s time to move on,”

“I will be distancing myself from further development of Browser Popcorn.”



  1. lol, anyone who revives the service is just setting themselves up for DMCA takedowns. same thing happened when Grooveshark was “revived”

  2. If it only stream videos with no option of downloading then guess it was never relevant for Naija,no big loss..

  3. The young man must be given kudos for his ingenuity though,most 15 year olds are still guffing around with all the time in their hands..

  4. Lol!!! Just because this one is popular doesn’t mean there aren’t other teenagers impacting lives positively.

    The world is big and small enough, depending on what you do.

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