Perhaps only members of the Mobility Arena team know how agonising it is for me to change phones. You see, I really love the diversity

I’m switching phones and these are the Passport’s contenders

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Passport contenders

Perhaps only members of the Mobility Arena team know how agonising it is for me to change phones. You see, I really love the diversity within the smartphone space, and I love the different strengths of the different platforms and hardware. Because I appreciate the diversity, I also tend to develop a sentimental attachment to whatever phone I am using at the moment.

So, whether I am switching from an Android smartphone to a BlackBerry 10 or Windows Phone smartphone, or vice versa, the decision to switch is never an easy one.

In the last few days, I have had to go back and forth about switching my primary smartphone. I currently have a BlackBerry Passport serving my daily needs, but I also have the Nokia Lumia 930 and Innjoo One 3G HD in my current collection. At Mobility, we always try to have a device from each platform at all times. Our work requires that. So, I have Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry represented at the moment. Well, there’s also a Firefox OS smartphone in a drawer somewhere, crippled by poor hardware and so mostly unusable.

The BlackBerry OS update that I have on my Passport now has resulted in an otherwise excellent device being crippled. Battery life is piss-poor now. Battery dives from 100% to 31% in five hours even when the Passport is mostly idle. And, the unforgivable one, I now wake up every morning to find the phone dead, the battery having emptied itself while I slept all night. No; I don’t have any spirit friends who use my phone behind my back.

Switch to Lumia 930?
My impulse is to switch to the lovely Lumia 930. It is an almost perfect device, well built, has one of the best cameras around, and meets my needs in near totality. Then I remembered how horrible the BBM experience is on Windows Phone. BBM is my primary communications tool, followed by email. In very simple terms, BBM for Windows Phone needs fixing. And there’s still no built-in way to peg network to 3G-only. I love my Lumia, and if I had no alternatives right now, I would put my SIM straight into it. But I do…

Switch to Innjoo One 3G HD?
The Innjoo One is a lovely piece of work. It feels premium, is very light, runs Android Kitkat, and is a fine performer. It has no issues with BBM and lets me peg network to 3G-only. See?

Lastly, perhaps I should just keep my SIM in the Passport and endure it’s new horrible battery life? Aaaargh! I hate nursing phones, and the Passport is one big, strong baby in need of constant nursing right now. I will get through this and make a decision. I’ve been at this since 2005 and always do.


  1. its sad to hear that you have this trouble with the new update. I don’t have this. Maybe you try this: backup all your stuff with link, make a factory reset and play back your backup.

    In my case, the battery drain with the 1779 is a bit better than with a few leaks before. But, I consent, the last trouble with all the updates from blackberry was very annoying

  2. Really BBM on windows is a mess. I’m using the 930 and there are days I want to just smash the phone. LOL. Kiddng. I send a BBM and it stays not delivering, even with network and wifi.

    I hope we get a fix soon.

  3. A reset,according to NOOB_fl may do d magic otherwise you will need to go back to previous update.The choice is yours.

  4. Coming from the switching device aspect, I did rather you go the innjoo way for now while you consider the option of backing up your data and doing a factory reset on your blackberry passport, the fact that I can’t peg my lumia 535 on 3G is enough mess for me.

  5. Going by antecedents Mr mo, you are sucker for premium device(s) so going the innjoo way will be quite difficult for you since we are talking of the primary device here. But it’s only temporary pending when you are able to fix the blackberry passport.

  6. Dear @peterjero

    Leave “the One” alone jo… It is “premium” even if its price isn’t.

    Thanks. #Outofhere


    InnJoo Fan

  7. Leave “the One” alone jo… It is “premium” even if it’s price isn’t.

    I agree with you, Kay. The only thing not premium about the Innjoo One is its price.

  8. eya….

    wait o, so na price make device premium now????? this world sha.. una too get money

  9. Sorry I was misinterpreted, there isn’t 4g LTE antenna on it and others, and just considering the level of luxury Mr mo is used to na. The bitter truth is price is premium.

  10. For now I don’t think any phone can replace my BlackBerry…….i still don’t think so… BlackBerry has done well with OS 10.3…’s awesome. will want to see Mr Mo comments after switching.

  11. No device is irreplaceable, just perception and knowledge to switch your important files and content across devices.

  12. I feel your pain. When switching devices you have to think of how productive you will be – or won’t – with the new device.

    I kept telling myself I would swap devices once a month, but then I never bother. I so love the device I’m using that the idea of switching is painful. But when I do make the switch, it’s like “wow, why didn’t I do this earlier?”

    Mo, you have too many options. Less options = less of a dilemma 🙂

  13. Hi Marvolio,

    Unless its a new feature, what Windows Phone allows the user do is peg the maximum speed, so that the phone switches between that maximum and lower speeds depending on network availability. If what you have is different from that, can you do a few screenshots please and mail to yomiadegboye @, please? Thanks in advance.

  14. I understand Mr Mo’s dilemma. I too tend to develop emotional attachments to any phone I usw .

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