This new image compressor will reduce your data bill

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If you browse the internet a lot on your mobile device, chances are that you are interested in any technology that reduces your mobile data costs, as well as speeds up your browsing. That is why web browsers that compress data are a big hit the world over. We have good news for you: Google has developed a new image compressor technology that reduces JPEG image file sizes by 35% than what is currently available without any loss in quality. That means, less mobile data expenses and faster web page loading for you.

Google’s New Image Compressor

Images are a huge part of web pages these days. Users want bigger, sharper images. But those often mean heavier webpages, resulting in huge data consumption, as well as slower loading times. Google’s new image compressor project – named Guetzli – gives you those big, sharp images in the popular JPEG format but the images weigh less.

image compressor reduce data costs

While everyone who uses the web – and the internet in general – will benefit from this development, mobile internet users especially stand to benefit the most. Hopefully, a lot of content creators will be as excited about this new image compressor technology as we are and adopt it so that everyone can begin to enjoy the benefit.

What To Do?

As a mobile user, do you have to do anything to benefit from this? Is there a switch you need to flip to turn this on? Not at all. It all lies in the hands of the people who make everything that contributes to the content you consume on the internet. As long as they use this new JPEG encoding technology for their images, you will automatically enjoy faster page/file loading times and reduced mobile data costs.

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