Image leaks!! A Closer look at the upcoming Infinix HOT 3

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For a while now, Infinix has been teasing a new smartphone. The new guy will be a successor to the popular low-end HOT series. Last week, we got some leaked specs for the phone. We’re expecting a bigger screen, bigger battery, and 4G LTE. Here are some leaked images, offering us a closer look at this phone.

Infinix-HOT-3 (2)

See the glossy plastic back cover. The new design looks refreshing no doubt.

Infinix-HOT-3 (1)

From this angle, the phone actually looks very slim and handy, we hope it lives up to expectations. This new guy will be launched this month. Stay tuned for a proper hands-on and review.


  1. these “leaks” come from the OEM, or someone in their marketing dept
    . don’t see the “refreshing” bit about the design

  2. Hope it comes with a serious refreshed look,their whole series has become too boring..

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