Why is having a mobile-friendly site so important today? Just a year or so ago, Google implemented a new update that forced website owners to take steps…

The Major Importance Of Having A Mobile-friendly Site

Why is having a mobile-friendly site so important today? Just a year or so ago, Google implemented a new update that forced website owners to take steps to make their website compatible with mobile devices. This was not a coincidence. Many site owners thought that it was a deliberate attempt to sabotage their efforts, but this wasn’t the case.


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Google is always known for leading the pack and they came to the realization that the number of mobile users had increased significantly during the past few years. Google wants their search engine to be as useful as possible for everyone. They want to cater to desktop and mobile users.


You should follow in suit and ensure that your site is mobile-friendly. Below, you’ll learn more about the major importance of having a mobile friendly site in this age and day.

Google Penalty

As mentioned above, Google recently launched a new update that placed additional emphasis on mobile friendliness. If your site is not friendly with all mobile devices, you’re probably going to experience negative repercussions very soon. Your site will suffer in the mobile rankings and this will make it very difficult for you to attract mobile users to your site. Since more and more consumers are using tablets and smartphones to access the Internet, this could take a major toll on your revenue.


Make sure your site is mobile friendly, so it can remain at the top of Google’s results.

A Mobile-friendly Site Is Accessible To Everyone

As a site owner, there is no doubt that you want your site to receive as much traffic as possible. This is why you should advertise and market through numerous channels. You should consider taking advantage of the Instagram Growth Service by The Millennial Marketers, you should invest in pay-per-click advertising, and you should embrace email marketing. If you ignore any channel, you’re missing out. This is also true when it comes to your site’s accessibility. There are millions of users that access the Internet with their tablet or smartphone.

If they’re unable to access your site on your mobile device, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. Make sure that your website is accessible and easy to navigate for desktop and mobile users. This will ensure that everyone can become your customers, regardless of how they decide to access the Internet or what device they prefer to use.

A Mobile-friendly Site Is Great For Businesses

Today, just about every company owns and operates a mobile website. The main reason for this is because the site provides customers and potential customers a place to go for information. In fact, you can find an array of information on company websites, eliminating the need to contact the company directly. Consumers have discovered over the years that trying to reach a real person, when calling any company can be extremely difficult, with voice automation taking the place of real people.

Instead of spending hours on the phone trying to reach a real customer service representative, consumers can now visit a specific company’s website. In most cases, the site will offer email and online chat services for communication purposes. The online chat service allows consumers to reach a live representative in a matter of seconds in most cases. The email service does not offer an immediate response, but is a great way to communicate with the company representatives.

Mobile websites also provide information about the company, their services and products, allow customers to make purchases, schedule appointments and receive free quotes.

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  1. I’m with Google on this one, that is because, we all carried our smartphones with us where ever we go and we expect to get all the informations we needed through our mobile phone internet, so Google is on the right track

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