Improved BlackBerry Messenger Coming Soon

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BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) v6.1 beta is now available in BlackBerry Beta Zone for BlackBerry users. This new version has come up with some interesting new features.

Animated avatars

Well, that is self-explanatory. Now your avatars can include animations.

12 new emoticons


Ten choices of chat bubble colors

bbm 6 1

Increase of total Personal Message size from 80 to 160 characters

Statusmsg 91w

Camera / avatar integration

This allows you to take a shot and instantly set it as your avatar.
bbm 6 1 screen large verge medium landscape

If you dare to try unfinished software, you can download and try the new Beta version of BBM here


  1. personally i also prefer to install the finished official version as beta versions usually need bug fixes. the final version should be out very soon

  2. @hallengray please can you defend your claim that RIM developers are dumb, since you are obviously “smarter”

  3. Downloaded & installed it from the blackberry beta zone, if this is all they r adding to the new version of BBM, then as usual, I am disappointed!!!

  4. I have not been able to download it as it says application form is not available for my country.

    Help what can I do to download it. Want to try it out.

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