In Business, No Matter What, You Will Run Into Walls

This morning, I am sharing a bit to give you a boost for your week. It is nothing fancy, of course. I am not that brilliant. Just a simple lesson that I have come to learn. Here it is:

No matter what you know, how well prepared you are, your experience, your wisdom, your resources, how well laid out your plans are, how vibrant your industry, you will have it rough somewhere along the way. You will need to modify your plans, prepare some more, look for more money or other resource, exercise lots of patience, grit your teeth a lot, reconsider how much you really think you know or how good you really think you are, because sometimes things will really go bad. You will run into walls

Any sincere entrepreneur will tell you pretty much the same thing. No one has it easy. Ask Richard Branson, for example. He once wrote an article in which he said that no matter how good your original business plan, it is never adequate. You run into walls and have to adjust it as you go. On paper, “running into a wall” sounds like nothing serious. Just give it a try in real life – actually run into a wall. It involves a sudden coming to a stop from motion. And a lot of pain.

Have you run into a wall? Well, I have – again and again. Sometimes, I have bad days. Those are days when what I would really love to do is give it all up and go crawl into a cave. By some odd mix of factors, however, I am still here. Climbing walls. Punching holes through walls. Scaling walls. Breaking walls down. Taking detours.

This is the first lesson any entrepreneur must learn. let’s call it wall management. No matter what, you will run into walls, and you must be ready to manage those walls. When you run into a wall in business, it is not necessarily because you are not good enough or that you are in the wrong business. It is simply because you are in business!

Have a great week handling those walls.


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