In defence of phones without expandable memory

Class 10 microSD cards

There is usually an outcry from the tech crowd when a phone’s specifications are announced and there is no external memory card slot on the list. Justifiably so in some cases. Still, the idea of phones without memory expansion is not without merit.

Have you ever had your entire music library on a memory card corrupted? Or everything on a card lost because the card failed? If you have, you already know one of the possible nightmares of using a memory card. Also, writing to and reading from a microSD card tends to be slower than doing same with internal memory. Observant people will notice that small speed difference. It may not be huge, but it is there.

At the end of the day, it is your call what you choose to use. While we are on this, if you are a microSD card user, here are some things you should know about micorSD cards.

Personally (but not “habatically,” courtesy of P-Square), I have owned a handful of devices that had no memory card slot. These include: HTC One X, Sony Xperia P, and Nokia Lumia 920. I didn’t miss the memory card using those mobiles. Not once. Consider too that unlike geeks and techies who tend to swap cards from time to time, the average user almost never touches the card in their phones. Techies may be loud, but manufacturers know that the market lies more with the general populace.

I believe that we will see more and more phones without memory card slots, especially at the higher end of the market where users often own a PC and can backup their files to a PC or some other device. Still, thankfully, the consumer has more than enough options to pick from depending on what he wants.

What have been your experiences with removable memory cards? Have you used a phone that didn’t support a card? What was your experience like?

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