In Owerri, angry subscribers allegedly damage MTN facilities

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Advertisements reports that “Angry customers of telecoms giant, MTN Nigeria, Wednesday unleashed their fury on the Owerri business office of the company destroying facilities in the office.”

According to the report, many residents of Owerri woke up to find that their MTN lines had been barred and headed to the centre to get their lines reconnected, resulting in a massive crowd at the location. The report does not give further details of what led to what and the extent of the damage.



  1. lol, MTN’s just trying to avoid further bans. they just managed to get a reduction on the last one. i don’t see what “unleashing their fury” achieves though

  2. Seriously MTN can be annoying with this their Sim registration thingy,imagine after getting registered 5 times you’re still receiving text messages to go and do your Sim registration..Haba!

  3. Not just MTN. Airtel have done the same, even though I’ve checked and the lines have been confirmed registered.

  4. Guess it’s more of NCC not giving a proper modality of registration. ‘coz of if they did, I don’t see the reason why all this problem will be arising

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