Some time in the past, the word “mobile phone” was almost synonymous with “Nokia”. But things are changing fast for the Finnish Company. just

In Western Europe, Samsung dethrones Nokia in feature phones sales

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samsungmobileSome time in the past, the word “mobile phone” was almost synonymous with “Nokia”. But things are changing fast for the Finnish Company. just reported that Samsung has surpassed Nokia in Mobile phone sales of FEATURE phones in Western Europe.

Samsung sold 12.2 million phones to Nokia’s 9.1 million in the 1st quarter. This is quite alarming because, this record by Samsung was done in Western Europe which is literally the backyard of Nokia. Samsung phones’ parent company is in far away South Korea. This figure, according to mobile review, is 18% decline for Nokia from the previous year. Sony Ericsson sold 3.7 million phones in the Q1, but this is for both Feature and Smartphones.

Now, mind you, this figure is only for feature phones. Nokia still reigns supreme in Smart phone sales in West Europe. But then, Apple and others are catching up gradually. It is good to appreciate that Europe’s leading Economy is in Western Europe. Find below the leading Smartphone sales in Western Europe for your perusal. Only four manufacturers are quoted.

Nokia………………………….4.9 Million
Apple iPhone………………3.0 million
RIM Blackberry…………..2.4 million
Samsung …………………..0.3 million



  1. well, the only immutable thing in life itself is change.

    this should be a wakeup call to Nokia to step up its game – quickly.

    in climes where the standard of living is a bit low, though, I expect that the reputation that Nokia enjoys as regards sturdiness – will continue to play some role as regards choice.

    On a personal level, I have used a myriad of phone brands. so far, the Nokias have a way of giving trouble-free and long-lasting service. more than the other brands.

    the result for feature phones in Western Europe surprises me, though.

    can this just be a marketing ploy? would love to see an additional, corroborative report (apart from on this.

  2. Nokia not Leading in Smartphone sales in US and now losses Feature phone sales in western Europe to Samsung.

    Nokia has a lot of work to do.

    Lucky they are still leading overall.

  3. Nokia has to be on their toes or the rug would be pulled from under their feet. Samsung has always had phones that are flashy and fanciful. This may partly account for the sales. Their phones also appeal to the youths and are relatively cheap.
    On the other hand, Samsung does not have a known and popular smartphone OS of their own. Bada is still new. Am sure they would have overtaken nokia in smartphone sales if they had had their very own smartphone OS like nokia, RIM, or apple.
    Samsung is very aggressive and its a company to watch in the next six to twelve months.

  4. @EyeBeeKay. Why don’t you google TechRadar to see more detailed analysis on the Sales of phones(Both Smartphones and feature phones in Western Europe)

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