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In recent years, content-sharing site Wapdam has waned and another site, Filmywap, which offers free movies online, is gaining momentum in its place.

Wapdam is a content-sharing site that offers videos, mobile games, music, and mobile application download. There are actually a lot of similar sites that begin with “wap”, like Waptrick, Wapday, Wapking, etc. These sites were the rage in Nigeria a few years ago, especially with users of S40 and S60 devices.

These sites have a staggering amount of free items and downloadable content. The content is automatically programmed to work on your phone. This means that no matter what device you visited it with, you would find the content exactly the way it would be on your device. You wouldn’t have to convert anything.

What Happened To Wapdam?

The thing is, these days, Wapdam and and those other sites seem to have dropped out of reckoning in the country. I am not saying that people do not visit it at all. The site gets 15% of its traffic from Nigeria after all. However, when people talk about sites they visit to download stuff, almost no one mentions Wap dam any more. One reason for that could be the fact that any attempt to visit the site keeps redirecting to It seems like Wapdam and Waptrick have merged into one single site.

Currently, though, the content on these sites seem to have dropped off. For example, try as you may, the chances of getting high-HD videos from these sites is pretty low. We are guessing that may have to do with intellectual property issues. Property rights owners are fighting back hard these days.


Waptrick Files

Not a lot of people in this digital age think there is a problem downloading free versions of digital media. Plus, the content on the sites are generally lightweight and so not data-consuming.

For example, you can get a decent-sounding music file from Waptrick for less than 10 MB. A key attraction was the fact that one gets good music from these sites without much hassle. But after listening to high-quality music from other sites, you might be tempted away from Waptrick and company.

Still, Wapdam, Waptrick and other similar sites were once the place to go for basically any downloadable mobile content. The content is updated daily, so you always get the latest of whatever you are looking for. Do you use Wap dam or Waptrick? If you are hearing of Wap dam for the first time and would love to check it out, point your mobile browser to


Another website that offers similar content to Wapdam is Filmywap, an Indian portal that lets users download free movies online. The focus of the site is Hindi, Bollywood, and Hollywood movies, as well as TV series.

There is the question of the legality of the content on the site. There is no way to verify that at this time though. The site has a “DMCA Complaint” link on its homepage but clicking it lead us to a 404 page. We are sure, however, that movie creators will respond swiftly should the Filmywap site be involved in illegal operations.

filmywap - free movies online

This downloads site is currently enjoying a strong run, thanks to India’s huge population and growing internet penetration. Millions of young Indians are getting on the Internet and are hungry for entertainment content. The site can be accessed at

Have you ever used Wapdam or are you one of the new kids on the block who use Filmwap instead? Or do stay away from sites that offer free movies online and use paid movie streaming/download services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, iROKOtv or DStv instead? What are your reasons for your choice of movie sites?

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