Jio Media Cable lets you watch Jio TV on big screen

Who would have thought that you could subscribe to a 4G video streaming service on a Rs 1,500 feature phone, Reliance JioPhone? And who would have thought you would be able to connect that lowly phone to a big screen to watch your movies and shows?

Jio Media Cable is a simple accessory that lets you connect your Jio phone to a big screen so you can enjoy your Jio 4G movies and shows better. It sounds like the kind of thing we expect from flagship smartphones and even mid-rangers. But a feature phone?

Yet Reliance Jio has pulled it off again.

How Jio Media Cable works

Think of Jio Media Cable as a very affordable version of Chromecast but

Jio media cable comes with two different adapters: RCA and HDMI. Also, it comes with its own power source that helps you to power/charge your Phone while transmitting content from the Jio Phone to a TV screen.


jio media cable


The Jio Media Cable costs Rs 500. You will need a JioPhone, a TV screen, and be subscribed to a Jio Cable TV plan. To activate the Cable TV plan, you need to recharge with at least Rs 309. For this price, you get access to Jio TV on your TV screen for 4-5 hours daily.

If you want longer access, there are other Jio Cable TV plans you can subscribe to.


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