TAMBO Mobile: All You Wanted To Know

TAMBO Mobile is an Indian mobile phone brand that produces both feature phones and smartphones. Its target market is the low-end, entry-level segment, which is a huge segment in India.

TAMBO produces devices under two main categories, Powerphones (which are smartphones) and Superphones (which are feature phones). The company started out with a range of 3 of the former and 6 of the latter. There are currently 10 feature phones in the Powerphones category.

Being low-end devices, TAMBO Mobile smartphones are equipped with 1GB/2GB RAM, use Quad-Core MediaTek processors, and have OTG support. The brand has both 3G and 4G compatible smartphones in its range.

TAMBO Mobile India

The TAMBO brand launched in India in April 2018 and operates from Noida.

  • The company says they already have over 600 service centres in India and aims to have 1,000 such touch points by the end of 2018. Tambo service warranty offers 200 days replacement, as well as one-time screen replacement within 365 days of buying their phones.

TAMBO Mobile Nigeria

TAMBO expanded to Nigeria, Africa’s largest mobile phone market, in September 2018.

Tambo mobile TA-3

TAMBO Mobile website: click HERE.

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