An email we received yesterday: I am known as awikonko on MobilityNigeria. Have you noticed lately that Glo have increased the data allowance on Glo

Increased Data Allowance on Glo Always Micro?

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An email we received yesterday:

I am known as awikonko on MobilityNigeria. Have you noticed lately that Glo have increased the data allowance on Glo Always Micro plan? I checked my balance today and I saw that I had 193mb of data left. Please confirm.

The standard data allowance on Always Micro has been 150MB. Is there anyone who has subscribed to Glo Always Micro recently? Can you confirm if there has been an increase in the bundled data from 150MB?

Update: The increase in data allowance from 150MB to 200MB on Always Micro has been confirmed.


  1. Hey everyone. It seems glo has actually increased d data allowance. It shows up when you try to suscribe to d plan via website. General description of the plan mentions 150mb but d features mention 200mb. I guess that’s good for us

  2. That is glo for you. Always thinking about Nigerians. what I want now is for them to increase the hours attached to their G300 data plan.

  3. I think you are right, glo just sent me a notification regarding my existing data plan and I noticed an extra 50 mb was added to my remaining 28mb. If it’s not a mistake then I really must commend them for the data increase despite already having the best data plan prior to the increase.

  4. Good for us the subscribers but they had better introduce the cheap 100naira, 400naira subscriptions like other networks to be fully competitive…

  5. Yes they have increased the always micro data to 200MB. They have also increased always min data to 3GB. That is good, but what I hate about glo is that they never take the initiative. They usually wait until some other network offer better package, whereas they have the capability to offer cheaper data services considering they have glo-one cable.

  6. Unfortunately I couldn’t enjoy this Glo data plan because my SIM is not data-enabled or activated for browsing on Glo network. I’ve been trying unsuccessfully now for the past two & half months now to get my SIM activated, all their customer agents keeps telling me is that they are working on it. Very frustrating right now.

  7. Hey, my extra 50 mb has disappeared ooo !!! I just checked again and it is now less 50mb.. I wonder what happened,maybe I have to wait till my next renewal to see if glo really has increased its data allocation. I retract my earlier comment.

  8. wow….it the always mini trullly has been increased to 3gig, then I will just move on to the plan instead of the g300 I have been struggling to manage within the stringent 300hours.

  9. I just re-activated it 3days ago but did not check. This is good news but better news for me will be when I see a 1GB plan for a month.
    @Martinkem; Am more interested in connection speed than cost so no 3G, no Douglas. To hell with etisalat

  10. just a little new to calm you down. My friend told me they have issues with the activation program hence activation are very slow. It took them 8 days to activate my woman’s BB cos she was giving higher priority. Well, its really worth the wait esp if you watch nat.geo, cnn, youtube like me

  11. I have also noticed some increased data balance in my account. This morning when i checked, i saw my normal balance but some minutes ago, i noticed an increased data balance again. I’m not sure of the true official position as regards the matter. Yomi, please what do you think?

  12. to me the cost is also important if I’m to use it for my mobile.. I have got an uncapped internet service at home already all I need is something I can use on the go for twitter, IM, Facebook comments. The heavy lifting like movies, videos is left to my computer

  13. I just subscribed to always micro today and was given 200mb. called their customer care for clarifications but the lady insisted always micro is 150mb & always min is still 1.5gig per month. I later called a friend that works with glo and he said they have not be advised officially but will confirm for me tomorrow. glo has done this before whereby their customers discover their new products even before the knowledge of the customer care reps.

  14. I have 19 mb remaining on my always micro package which expires on the 5th of June. Since i read this page, i’ve been checking to see if my data balance will increase to 69 mb. No such luck.

  15. Its now 200mb. I just confirmed it after a renewal. This is good from the made in Nigeria network of choice

  16. Most of those customer care officers do not know their onions. About a year ago I activated glo always min package with the intention of using it on my phone (Nokia E51) but for mobile browsing as well a Wifi hotspot and internet modem. However, when I connected I realised that my browsing was billed on per kilobyte basis, leaving my bundled data untouched. Upon enquiry, I was told that the data package cannot be used on a pone, but only through their 3G modem. I later realised (after buying the modem) that I could input the glo3gprepaid setting on my phone and use the package.
    If you are using a glo SIM to browse, go to click on “View all data plans” you will see the details of the new offerings. Note that the real new data cap is seen in the “Features” for each package.

  17. Pls how do one activate this glo ish? Cos i heard you need to go to their centres to get your sim activated! How tru is dat? Thanks:)

  18. I advice you grab your own 200MB quick before Glo change their mind. I just saw that on a part of the package description, 150MB is printed while 200MB is printed on another part which might mean it’s still in the lab

  19. I also noticed an extra 50mb. Since my data plan would expire in 2 days. I started downloading a couple of ebooks (small-sized) to take advantage.
    Lo and behold, i had not downloaded up to 5mb worth of data when i got a message that i have exhausted my bundle!
    Apparently the 50Mb extra added was retracted during the course of the downloading.
    Glo is probably still working on the billing system.
    I hope -believe – the 200mb is here to stay (more so that AirTel has also jerked up their own to 200Mb too…

  20. Just got this message:
    Dear Glo subscriber, you just passed 95% of your Plan Validity Period.
    Rule your world.

    I checked my balance, and got:

    Dear customer,you are on Always Micro.Your remaining volume is 61 Mb.Your subscription expires on 02/06/2011 08:42 and will be automatically renewed at expiry


    The maths do NOT bed up, buttressing my earlier submission about some modification to the billing system…

  21. Giving mtn a run for their money. Mtn only knows how to aims our cash but they can’t give us anything in return. As soon as my mtn data ends,i’ll grab my 200mb from glo. Rule my world.

  22. I wonder why people still use MTN…They dont have anything good to offer at all….


  24. i was using mtn but moved to glo always micro.just checked my balance and saw 192mb!this means the plan now comes with 200mb.since i migrated to glo always micro,i have been ruling my world.

  25. There is no change in Always max. It was increased about 2 months ago from 5GB to 6GB

  26. The truth is that Glo has the fastest data service in Nigeria, but the policy makers in the company have no foresight. Look at the 3G HSI data plans they just posted on their network, you will notice the lopsidedness in the pricing. The Always group are far more attractive that the G group.

    For example why would I pay N6,000 for G100 which gives me 3GB of data for 100hrs or 1 month (whichever comes first) when I can pay N5,000 for Always min and get the same 3GB of data which I can use at anytime during the one month validity period. This is just one example.

  27. yeah,it is 200m for 1000naira.but,who can tell me why glo charge 50kabel each time in a day???pls

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