Incredible stats!! 50% of Apple users have updated to iOS9

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In a press release, Apple has just announced that 50% of users have already installed the latest iOS9 software. This is incredible, owing to to the fact that iOS 9 was released some days ago. Apple already claims this is their fastest adoption rate in history.


Compared to Android, the latest software Lollipop can only be found in just 21% of devices. Removing the figures of Android One devices will even further reduce those figures. To further compound the fragmentation woes, a new Android version is to be announced soonest.

Apple also reveal that pre-orders for the new iPhones might also surpass previous records. Sales will commence on the 25th of September.



  1. the benefits of vertical integration, as an analogy, basically all iPhones are Nexus/Android One devices, the latest version is always available to them

  2. Not exactly surprising given Apple’s tight control of their hardware and ecosystem,on the other hand the issue of fragmentation on Android is being blown out of proportion IMO,am a Techie but I don’t have an issue using KitKat,for instance as long all Apps are compatible and the vast majority of consumers certainly don’t give a hoot either.

    Just another bragging right by Apple..

  3. that’s simply not true, every new iteration of an OS brings new features and capabilities, this is especially true with Apple. Apple users care about being on the current/latest version of iOS, adoption numbers are proof of this

  4. it’s half true.. apple OS update sort of pops up in ur face everly, n they have some sort of deadline tho, as in if u upgrade to jes test u can’t downgrade after said deadline. plus we droid users love to upgrade but we are at the mercy of the OEMS. who says we don’t/won’t want marshmallow as soon as it is announced. apple sphere has it different abeg

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