Incredible!! WhatsApp is nearing 1 billion active users

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In January we announced that WhatsApp crossed the 700 million user mark. With more users joining the bandwagon, numbers are increasing exponentially and they’ve just crossed the 800 million mark. Going by this rate WhatsApp could evidently boast of 1 billion active users before the end of the year.


CEO of WhatsApp, Jan Koum announced this on his Facebook page, also Mark Zuckerberg, Founder/CEO has hinted that WhatsApp will start generating income when it has crossed the 1 billion mark.



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  1. I think we can lay to rest the WhatsApp / BBM debate now. WhatsApp is more popular than BBM. End.

  2. I have always said it at every opportunity that you cant compare BBM with WHATSAPP.We all can see now.The latter has overtaken the former.

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