India sets up no-selfie zones to stop people from killing themselves

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The selfie craze is real, not only for we Nigerians, but for other smart phone users all over the world. Did you know? People have actually killed themselves while trying to take selfies. This mostly happens when they try to capture beautiful scenes like, the top of a cliff, water dams, rooftops etc.


In Mumbai, India, they have marked out 16 places as no-selfie zones. This was done in a bid to reduce the regular occurrences of selfie related accidents. Whoever trespasses face a fine of 1,200 rupees (approximately N5000) irrespective of whether they take pictures or not.

According to Mumbai police spokesman, Dhananjay Kulkarni:

“This is a new problem for us,”

“We have identified spots in Mumbai. We want to restrain people from going there so that mishaps don’t happen.”

This is crazy, but I trust my people 🙂 We rarely take such risks for selfie sake. Other countries have taken similar measures to minimize selfie related accidents. Japan banned the use of selfie sticks in some train stations. Russia did selfie safety campaign to warn people of the most dangerous spots to take a selfies.


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  1. Imagine taking a selfie with a bull shark, or a lion, or when sky diving, or in the edge of the mountain, waterfall…

    Funny that it is what man makes that kill us the most!

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