While we are still on the subject of BlackBerry 10 mobile internet usage, I am told by a colleague in India that BIS is generally

Indian BlackBerry Users Won’t Miss BIS

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Blackberry 10

While we are still on the subject of BlackBerry 10 mobile internet usage, I am told by a colleague in India that BIS is generally more expensive than generic mobile data in India. This is in contrast to the situation in Nigeria where BIS is dirt cheap. Here is the tweet from Indian-based Vedhas Patkar:

Clearly, while Nigerian Blackberry subscribers may be griping about the new development with BB 10, I doubt that Indian BlackBerry subscribers are bothered.

You Can’t Eat your Cake & have It

Meanwhile, like I said earlier, Nigerian BB subscribers cannot eat their cake and have it: if you want dirt cheap BIS, stay with BlackBerry 5/6/7 devices; if you want the fancy new moves, upgrade to BlackBerry 10.

Or Perhaps You Can

As many readers already know, some mobile networks in Nigeria now bundle generous mobile internet allocations with BIS subscriptions. That means that subscribers on these networks can freely purchase BB10 devices and just use the bundled generic internet plan with them. What do you think? Sounds like eating your cake and having it, if you ask me.

Perhaps thngs are not really as bad as they look for those of you who really, really want to upgrade to a BlackBerry Z10 or Q10.


  1. In other news, I hear the info has not been confirmed by Blackberry.
    Come to think of it, if BIS is expensive in India and cheap in Nigeria, do the math! Who will Blackberry attend to? cos I believe die-hard fans in India must have piled complaints up to heaven and scrapping it wil favour them BOTH

  2. Let’s just accept this as part of consigns of the revolution in the mobile world. If BIS is scrapped in the new OS, it’s okay. It wouldn’t have been a shocker now if it didn’t exist in the first place. If people complain the new OS craves for data, we heard those stories earlier in the birth of Andy

  3. I think BIS is BlackBerry biggest selling point in Nigeria. With the lack of BIS, I see most of of BlackBerry users (who can afford it) migrating to android and a few to iOS.

  4. Its not a question of how many people can afford the price of BB10, for the ones that aren’t BB10 are mostly bought used here in Nigeria. Used BB10 will be in the market in no time abeg. What may however limit its success is if there is no bis. Yes, some operators now allow the bis to be tethered, but the reason I’m using a blackberry is because of the surplus data allocation. I will subscribe to bis and use it on an android device not on BB10.

  5. 1st of all. BIS(full bis tho) is available on bb10, dont know why u guys keeps spreading false info. Crackberry . Com confirms full bis works on d Z10. But if ur not down with bis u can also use regular data plans. Dis means 3k bis (mtn) should work and not d 1500 one.

  6. This is just like being chreated if having a BB10 without BIS, definitly for existing BB users.

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