Indian mobile brand, Lava, to renew push in Nigeria

Lava is an Indian mobile brand that made an official entry into Nigeria in 2011. The brand was active in the market for a while before beating a retreat. However, we have insider information that they are looking to renew their push in the Nigerian mobile market.


Lava makes feature phones, smartphones and tablets running Android and windows Phone.


  1. No we don’t want another “CHINKO” , unless they have something new to offer.

    Right now , all I want is Xiaomi!!!

    1. xiaomi products are expensive for the average Nigerian user… I am nt sure they will break down the monopoly of their oda chinko brethens…lol.

    1. People forget that how much Xiaomi sell their phones for officially in other markets may not be true when sold in Nigeria. Don’t be fooled by conversion prices.

      Xiaomi don’t seem to be in any hurry for the African market. You’ll just have to keep buying grey imports if you want one.

  2. Whether expensive or not let’s have the much talked about products first and let people who can afford buy.After all the likes of iPhone, samsung,Sony are here and people are buying despite their prices.

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