This Indian startup wants to surprise us with a new phone every month

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When an unknown startup or OEM comes up with bold promises, we take a cautious look at them and access the situation, all in the hope that they actually fulfill them. One Indian startup is prepared to launch an Android phone called the Creo Mark 1. Now what’s special with this device?


The Creo Mark 1 will run a fork of Android, something like the MIUI ROM found on Xiaomi devices. The company also promises to deliver monthly updates, through suggestions made from its community of users. They also promised the updates would be so refreshing, it would be like you’re buying a new phone every other month. Really bold claim.

The phone itself certainly looks beautiful with curved edges, and circular buttons below the screen. Let us hope they truly keep to their word. The device is yet to be released, but interested folks can sign up on there website. See source link below.


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